Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catch up Summer of Color ... Week 5 & 6

I got a little behind with my last 2 weeks of the Summer of Color...can't believe it's over.. It has been so much fun..Thank you so much Kristin for another great challenge...I haven't really seen anyone's posts this past week.. hope to get to some in the next while.. but you know how it is when peeps start going on holidays.. more work for the rest of I just keep telling myself it's only another 10 days.. and then it's my turn... whooo hooooo!!!!
Anyways.. week 5 was Wild and Reckless.. lovely blues, greens and pinks...all my favorite colors... and keeping with the mandala theme I've been going with.. here's what I came up with... it's on an 8x10 canvas..I used fluorescent oil pastels for the background.. some loverly old music.. Helen from Cobra Graphics....shared this lovely line drawing of a dancer that she had acquired with me..Thank you Helen...I think the pic probably could  have been a bit brighter.. oh well.....
Week 6 is Watermelon Ice... This is done on watercolor paper with my Inktense pencils... I fully intended to put seeds in her hair..and tangle in it too.. but... am liking her like this... for now
It has been soooo hot and humid here.. doesn't do alot for me but for the garden .. it's fantastic.. have had my first zucchini and cucumber out of it now.. and salad every night too... waiting now for the cherry tomatoes to ripen... might have gone a little overboard on the number of plants I got.. last count.. about 100 cherry tomatoes starting to ripen... and look.... my first spaghetti squash!!

and a garden pic....
and last but not least.. my 2 favorite girls.... I got to babysit friday and saturday..long days but it sure was fun.. tiring but they were so good.. Isn't this the most jewel encrusted princess crown you have ever seen? this was our project while Tierney was sleeping on saturday afternoon..
And Tierney is wondering where that soother went??? lol
Anyways.. thanks for stopping by...I am sad that the Summer of Color challenge is over.. it has been fun.. hope you got a chance to take in some of the fabulous art that was presented... I might have to find another once a week
Take care..

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer of Color ..Week 4

Good morning... quick post...before I go to work.. I love mornings..I am up early... but getting out of the house to be at work for 8 is really hard..No matter how ready I get the night before.. am always running out of the house at the last had a conference call the other day at work.. and while I was taking notes.. doodling of course too.. liked what I did so came home and started on a bigger piece of paper.. This weeks challenge over at the Color of Summer 2012 is Strawberry Lemonade... sounds delicious doesn't it? love these colors... I so want to put my fav lime green in here somewhere but we shall see...
It has been so hot all week..around 40c with the humidex.. then we got a wicked storm pass thru on wed.. temps have been much nicer but am so glad I took this pic of my peony because when I got home from work.. not a petal left to be seen...
Garden is doing great though.. first squash has made it's appearance.. whooo hooo!! I'm doing a nice little craft sale tomorrow too.. hoping it goes well... trying out a couple of new things that I am not quite finished... so hopefully tonight... as well as pack the van.. being there for 7 to set up... not so
Glad that I made it before the deadline sunday to get my Color of Summer in... if you get a chance.. take a look... I haven't had a chance to get to very many this week ..
Anyways.. wishing you the loveliest of days.... and thanks for stopping by....