Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Diva Challenge

Hi.. finished this week's I am the Diva challenge on time too I think... it was harder doing a square than I thought..
It has been a long week.. lots of work.. lots of threats of snow.. ugh... It's my weekend to work.. so one more day.. so far the snow has missed us.. hope that happens again tomorrow to what they are calling for... I am ready for spring..
I booked myself into a little sale the 27th of April.. so needed to do Mother's Day signs etc... so alot of projects got put on hold while I got this pile base coated on my day off this week...

Finished up a couple of key holders to match the kleenex boxes I did earlier...Love this pattern....and the old square nails I got for them..
Anyways.. off to get something done.. hope you are all having a lovely weekend... thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I don't know about you but life seems to be racing .. One day just seems to be the next day so fast... so many things to do and so little time ...Have been feeling like that little hamster on the wheel...  I have missed being here.. and reading what everyone is up to.. sharing what I have been up in January I started doing  the Diva's Weekly Challenges again ...but they have to be done by saturday and up in a blog post... seems like I don't finish them till sundays these but today I am done!! and a blog post was on my list of things to do..(sorta on the list for a few months already but hey! lol) better late than never...
I am busy painting for the fall... doesn't seem like a stretch when this is how it looked here this morning...
I think spring has forgotten us... it's april 6 already and still snowing... I don't think we will get as much as they predicted but..... last year they were golfing here in mid march... might take till july at this
Anyways.. here's the challenge for this week.. using a tangle called Tuxedo by LeeAnn..
I had a very hard time with this tangle.. and not sure I am finished with it.. might want to color it yet too... and for good measure... it's my tangle from last week.. Mooka..
I am thinking this one needs color too...
Have a lovely weekend... Hope it's springier than here for you...and you are all well.... Thank you for stopping by and commenting...