Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sisterhood Journal page and Color of Summer is Purple!

Well I am very slowly getting there I think... finally can load my camera and my printer now works.. I really hate figuring out this techie stuff but it's been harder not being home much either...all of these things take sheesh ... go figure! When I downloaded and installed Firefox it said it successfully got all my bookmarks from IE.. but so not sure where they went.. or any kind of tool bar
I did finish up my Summer of color Purple page though.. you can't see in the pic but it has a top layer of clear sparkle paint on it..
I am so sorry that I have missed everyone's red pages and probably will miss most of the purple too.. there isn't a day that I will be home or have family here over the next 10 days.. I am hoping I can catch up and see everyone's arty pieces once the wedding etc is over....
I finally finished Eva's June book pages and got it sent off to Lori on Friday for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook.. so here it is.. I hope she likes's a combo of acrylics, wax pastels and paper...

I was so lucky.. I was a little ticked when I went to Michael's after my computer died because I hadn't had a chance to print off the coupons.. first person I saw when I walked in was a friend.. laughing I said you didn't happen to print off extras did you? well..... she had printed off them all.. so she gave me some artsy ones she said she wouldn't use.. and I got a set of wax pastels and AND.... the Inktense watercolor pencils I have been wanting forever for 40% off.. whoo hooo!!!!
Anyways the sale is tomorrow.. will have some gorgeous pics of Lake Winnipeg to show you I hope.. car is packed and I am soooooo ready for bed... it was a very long day at work today.. craziness abounds.. school supplies coming in like crazy.. and need to be put out asap...
Sweet Dreams.. have a great night.. talk to you all again soon... I

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yay! I'm back....

Quick post.... remember that storm that was coming?? well lightning hit so close that it fried the mother board on my computer and the radio that I get my internet with...I went and got a new computer on friday.. they were supposed to transfer all my data... guess what wasn't on it when I got home???? and I live too far away for them to come out and fix their mistakes but was kinda a moot point seeing as I got it all hooked up and didn't have internet Good thing I had Chaya all weekend to keep me got internet last night.. so am trying to figure this thing has Internet Explorer on it.. haven't used that for years.. finding it very confusing.. so am thinking I should be downloading Firefox and getting on with it..but I work the next 4 days and have a show next sunday.Icelandic Festival on monday... you get it right? lol so will be slow catching up... this new key board is so small compared to my old one, making alot of typing errors here right now.. haven't figured out pics as yet.. this one has a card thingie..
I will catch up.. almost finished my purple entry for this week...hope everyone has a loverly day...thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot! and RED!!!!

Good morning... have survived the 5 days of work.. not sure which was harder though the work or the temps... it's going to be another hot one today .. I love the heat.. it's the humidity that is a killer.. with the humidex it was 106 yesterday.. the sky is very black and ugly this morning but these just keep going by..It's been too hot to stay in this room for very long at a time.. and the internet was wonky again over the weekend.. go figure hey? lol at least when I was home probably worked just fine all the time I was at work.. am getting very frustrated with it all...
With all this heat my little garden looks sad.. it doesn't matter how much you water them  they want rainwater more than well water and all the little spaghetti squashes start to grow and then seem to rot.. so maybe that will be the only one.. sigh... and really?? what zucchini plant ever just has one zucchini?? lol but guess what's for supper tonight?

It took me days to finish my red journal entry for the Summer of Color.. tried a couple of new things.. not so sure I am happy with it.. realized I should have put the word heat in there it looks redder than it shows up here though.. and I did give the girl wings .. which was the second part of the challenge...

Anyways.. have to go.. shut this down .. it's actually thundering and lightning.. and raining!!!! Yay!! am thinking I will just go stand outside for
Did you notice my very cool button??? Taylor over at Perfectly Sensible Nonsense made it for me.. just love it.. feel free to grab it if you'd like...
k really have to go.. have a great day!! and thanks for stopping by....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monster squash update... and Summer of Color...

Good morning.. wow the days are sure flying... been busy at work.. summer holidays so us poor part timers get to pick up all the next couple of weeks are off today then work for the next 5 days straight..
I know you've all been waiting for TA DA!! my first squash.... there are more.. and I promise I won't post pics of each and every one.. lol
I did manage to get my Summer of Color journal pages done on the weekend... love browns and I use them alot so this wasn't hard.. and time seems to be on my mind alot lately..The red was an accident.. not sure if it counts as a bold splash of color... but found out that the colorbox cranberry ink I used didn't dry very quickly on the gel medium and tissue... but did give me a clear place to stamp.. "where does the time go?"
Now Carol over at Firecracker Kid Primitives is having a 15% off Christmas in July sale.. good till the end of the month.. she has some gorgeous pieces ..
Natalie over at Tins and Treasures is having her 3rd Anniversary sale for her Etsy store.. not sure how long it lasts so you should check it out today...
Cathy over at Tolentreasures is having her 500th post giveaway.. wow.. that is alot of posts.. check it out though.. you will love her painting..
You still have a couple of days to get over to Dezinaworld's great giveaway if you haven't already...closes on the 15th.
Remember that cool slideshow for the Fun Fall Celebration? well it turns out that my items don't show up when you search FFOFG.. they are tagged properly and I redid them all hoping it would work but they don't.. I emailed Etsy a week ago about it and still haven't heard anything back from them..grrrrrr
I did finish a couple of doors .. hard to just do one color or coat and end up not getting back to it till the next day.. or
Well I know there was a couple of other things I had to say but I really should get busy.. I have to run into town after lunch and do some errands.. so much for staying home for a whole hope everyone has a loverly day.. and hopefully I will have time to catch up on what you all have been up to for the last week... Thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monster Spaghetti Squash and more..

Halloween!! Seems abit weird to be painting Halloween stuff when summer is in full swing.. but will probably say it's even weirder when I start painting snowmen next I finished this up yesterday..just needs varnish.. loving it.. but can't post on Etsy as yet.. when did they start that you have to have a price to ship to one place in order to post something? That sure isn't easy.. it can change from location to location.. or is there some way to get around this? See you can flip the lid over and put a tealight in it...

It was back to work last night... so hard after having so many days off.. I forgot to mention that the craft sale was ok... nothing spectacular but it was the first time it was 1 day.. think it would have been better if it had stayed the 2 days.. but the vote was taken last year.. it was nice to see more crafters out and a few less small businesses... (not that I have anything against them..  just would rather see it all crafters again) So here's my booth pic.. it was a teapot day.. sold so many of them.. only a pic of one side of the booth.. there was too many peeps showing in the other but it's not like you haven't seen the same set up before...
Now ... the Monster Squash.. I am so excited about it.. have never grown one before.. it has lots of blooms.. and even some squash on it.. whooo hooooo!! That is a 4 ft piece of lattice that it's growing down to the ground on..

and a pic of my lovely seriously.. am loving this container gardening thing.. so much easier to take care of. Now one last pic then I should get to work... there are 149 blooms on this bunch of tiger lilies.. DH counted not me.. would have been fantastic if they had all bloomed at the same time.
Am thinking blogger thinks I should quit took 5 times to load this last pic..  It's supposed to be 29c here today but without as much humidity.. can't see that seeing as we had a little rain last night but can always hope...
Thanks for stopping by... and reading all this... lol Hope you have a loverly day...

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's A Fall Fun Celebration in July with OFG

Beat the heat and join in our Fall celebration at the farmhouse! Just click on the Fall Fun at the Farmhouse button and shop in your air conditioned prim home for your Fall holiday home decor.

View a sampling of our hand made offerings from the crafty gals of the Old Farmhouse Gathering.

Catch up...and Color of Summer... Yellow

Belated Happy Canada Day!! I did post but when the slideshow didn't work I deleted .looked dumb and blogger wouldn't let me edit it then I tried again the next day checking the edit html button and it didn't work again.. so I deleted that too.. not sure why I didn't finish the post anyways without it.. lol
Happy 4th of July to all my American friends.. hope you have a fantastic and safe holiday!!
So I have the pics from those 2 days that I was so proud of to show you today .. my camera has a flower setting.. and what a difference that makes..just wait and see...
First off.... Color of Summer challenge this week was yellow.. yellow has never been a fav color of mine.. not sure why but have found lately that I am drawn to it.. I even bought a shirt that has yellow in it.. and I love it (the shirt).. weird... I decided to do two ATC's... I had 2 pieces of yellow paper that I had tried the stamping with bleach technique on.. stinky process but oooh they are beautiful... even the
These are both up for trade if anyone wants.. haven't traded any cards forever .. would be was too funny to find a fortune cookie tag that had the color yellow in it..
Now back to my camera.. this flower setting is amazing... here's my peony...

k so maybe the middle one isn't great but the close ups.. am impressed...  and here's a couple of my tiger lilies.. I love these flowers.. my grandma gave me 2 plants when I first got married and had my first flower beds....

The Fall Fun at the Farmhouse is under way.. lots of great items to be seen... and bought... Just go to and type in FFOFG and you can see everything...My little Trick or Treat sign has been in 2 treasuries  ..pretty can check them out here......Spooky Treats and How about some hand painted Halloween

Well am going to spend this very hot, humid day off hope you all have a loverly day...