Friday, March 25, 2011

Yay!! It's Friday!!

Ok.. so friday is almost I did start this this morning.. but the day has just flown by.. the kids are coming out tomorrow.. we're doing supper and cake and coffee for my b-day, everyone was working last weekend.. so of course.. need to vacuum.. tidy up.. I'm excited.. love it when they are home.. just will be missing my Shan who is loving Taiwan
So at the beginning of the week.. added to the stash abit... don't you love the shape of that kettle?? what do you see it becoming?
Yeah...I know.. like I needed more
Every January or so.. I clean out my quilling box that I carry with me to shows etc.. and tear and quill all the little bits left from making flowers from the summer and fall before then make simple flowers for magnets etc..
This is before magnets... you can see in the little tub there's still alot of coils to make into flowers..
Now here's a few magnets ready to be varnished..just the beginning of many, many
It hasn't been an overly productive week art wise..have been in abit of a funk and unable to settle down to do anything, lots started just nothing finished.  A good friend passed away suddenly last sunday and it is just unfathomable that he won't be around anymore. Just a few months older too which sure brings things home. He lived well.. enjoyed life.. and his laugh and jokes will be sadly missed.
Anyways.. one of my favorite shows Fringe is on right away.. so will say good night.. have a loverly weekend and thank you so much for stopping by...
P.S. Yikes!! almost forgot my Challenge for this week at I am the Diva.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ahhhhhh Spring???

Good Morning.. has been a couple of springy like days.. snow is slowly melting... but of course there's a blizzard warning for tonight/tomorrow this blizzard every 4 or 5 days can stop anytime...I think we've got the in like a lion thing down pretty good already... it is time for out like a lamb....please!!!!!

I was so excited when I got a message from The Forest Faery that she was featuring my shop on her blog this week. Thank you so much Taylor!! This is my very first feature anywhere and  she did a lovely interview  and  does the most amazing photography. I bought one of her lovely photographs to alter a bit for Chaya's room. Wish I had it finished so you could see it.. She is also having her first giveaway on her blog... Dreams of Fae.. so check it out and see her beautiful photography..
I am amazingly slow these days getting anything finished.. am still working on the books for income tax.. not sure what happened to having those done by Feb... lol  still working on getting pictures sorted on my computer.. there are things half painted everywhere.. but slowly things will get done..
I did finish off another little sign with the brayered paint background. Love this quote..

I did play with paper some yesterday though and got some ATC's done. They are just random as I haven't joined any swaps for awhile..
I love doing the techniques for the backgrounds but lately seems like I never get around to making the the Moon and stars card is a tin foil background with inks.. The Believe card is a painted background stamped with gold ink and sunflowers with a beautiful tatted butterfly that my sister made. The Lovelorn card is a brayered paper background that I received in a trade. I will get these up on my Flickr for trade after work today.
I haven't done the challenge for I am a Diva as yet.. but this is one that I was playing with different patterns over the weekend.. I love the red on it but think that is all the color it needs...
Well I should get ready for work.. we got 9 skids of freight in on friday so I can only imagine how many boxes of things I need to get out and organized today.. love looking at the different things we receive.. finding space to put it all is a challenge though... fun! fun! fun!
Don't forget to get over to The Forest Faery's blog and check out my interview and her giveaway..
Have a lovely day.. thanks for stopping by..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Growing up St Patrick's Day was always an important day in my family.. you had to wear your green and all the little leprechaun's you could find..there was always corned beef, cabbage and shamrock cookies of course.  My great grandmother came over from Ireland with 2 small boys,her mother and her husband. Then I was lucky enough to be born on this day too.. made every celebration more fun...The corned beef and cabbage has fallen by the wayside.. and with my Mom and all that side of the family gone.. things have changed ..but still wearing the green and every year pick a different leprechaun or shamrock  to has been asking how do you feel, are you ready for this??  Well I thought turning 55 last year was weird.. but 56 wow.. I guess because it's on the other side now and closer to 60.. and really??? how did I get to be this old???? lol..but it's just a number.. and I sure don't feel that old... .but all in all has been a good day.. had a lovely lunch with my Dad and Stepmom.. and walked out of the restaurant into the beginnings of yet another by the time we got home the slush had turned to ice and the wind was blowing like crazy.. and all that loverly white stuff.. but home safe and sound..I  love talking to everyone that calls to wish me a Happy Birthday.. best part of it.. and Chaya sang on the phone.. we will blow out candles next weekend.. whooo hoooo!!!!
Here's a picture of my favorite Leprechaun ever... She  had a St. Patrick's Day party yesterday at daycare...and she loved this little headband with the hat... and even a pony and when we went shopping before we dropped her off.. this was her must have..
The challenge at I am the Diva this week.. was to use your non-dominant hand.. it was hard.. and sure took alot of concentration.. not happy with it.. but better than I thought it would turn hand got pretty
Well.. I think that's it for now.. I am tired.. happy.. and want to play with my new art book and watercolor
Have a lovely evening.. and thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bunnies, chickies and more bunnies....

Good morning.. well I did get to go and pick up Chaya on sunday.. roads were awful but more passable than they would have been on saturday. We had fun! It totally amazes me how well co-ordinated she is and able to do things, she would sit and look at the picture on the box to make sure where everything went.. because of course.. she can do it by  We made hordes of these chickies ( or chippies as she calls them) and bunnies...the chocolate bunnies were the favorite.. she loved that someone had bit off their The chickies all have magnets on the back.
I did get my lovely Romantic matchbox from Gail too from the Matchbox Monthly swap.. look at all the goodies.. it's just beautiful.. Thank you so much..
I had finished off this little canvas.. sure hard to take nice pics of them though.. ended up scanning this one too so it's a little better... love this verse..
Can anyone tell me how I can make my name link to my blog when I post on someone else's blog? Someone mentioned this the other day and would be nice if my pic showed up too.
Off to work today.. did I mention that yesterday it was +8c and that everything  was melting? it was lovely.. peeps out shoveling their sidewalks in t-shirts in the city.. hardy Manitobans! lol  My car is sooooo filthy.. definitely needs a bath but they are calling for rain today so.....
Hope everyone has a beautiful day.. thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Good morning.. and it is a lovely morning.. bit cold but... that freezing rain on friday turned into one heck of a blizzard.. by the time I got off work.. it was right ugly.. took 25 minutes to drive the 7 miles home.. and no I wasn't driving because that probably would have taken me an hour.. This coming in like a lion over and over again isn't quite cutting it.. am thinking at this point I will stop painting bunnies.. maybe that's it! lol We couldn't get out of here to go and pick up Chaya which was the most disappointing of all.. hopefully today we can work something out and go and get her..
Otherwise did alot of work on my Etsy store, finished up some new signs. I love both of these verses..
These are up in the shop already.. but hoping to get these next two in this morning.. so here's your sneak
see what I mean about the bunnies?? The garden blessings has a Kim Klassen bunny on it from an old painting magazine I found.. too cute....but I gotta let them go already...last bunnies you will see here.. lol
ooh and Pam over at  Fantail Digital is having a give away.. that's where I got that beautiful Eiffel Tower print for my canvas.. she has the cutest new cards.. I love the one with the rocks.. check it out and sign up....tell her I said Hi!!!
ok now this is my Tangle I've been working on.. not sure if I should paint it though..or if I should be tangling right to the edges... any thoughts? would appreciate them...
Well I am going to get those 2 new signs in the shop and have some things on the table to play with...I work wednesday and friday again this week..and if we pick up Chaya today it will be a very short, busy week... I am still having fun ripping the department apart and cleaning and putting things right but am wondering if this is so much fun... why does my house look like it does? lol.. I did not feel quite as stiff and sore after this week though.. which is a good sign..
Take care.. have a lovely sunday.. and thank you for stopping by...

Friday, March 11, 2011

So this is Spring???

Good morning.. woke up to freezing rain.. with a blizzard warning for later today.. yup gotta be March in Manitoba! lol I am off to work today too.. so we shall see...
I had a random day yesterday.. lots of plans.. nothing that really worked out the way it was supposed to..we had some plugs changed in the house.. so no power for alot of the day.. took the opportunity to pull out my computer and clean the inside.. (this has been on my list of things to do since Christmas so was a good thing).. can't believe how dusty it gets.. and how much quieter it is running
I did get some things finished though.. This is a new pattern from Susan at Sawdust Brushstrokes n' Stitches.. she has just started selling her original designs.. This is Buttercup.. isn't she just the cutest? I think I'm going to hang a little welcome sign on her for outside my door.. love her.. working on another one that hopefully I will get finished soon...
Now these 2 Welcome Bunny signs have just been waiting for their bows on their necks for awhile now... planning to put them up in my Etsy store... not sure what this fascination with bunnies is at the moment but I like how they turned out...I did the background with pretty paper...and I love these sign boards that my father in law made for me..
And a journal that I finished ..

My new Tangle isn't ready yet ... I'm doing one that is a lot bigger..and what it's for is a Hopefully have that finished in the next couple of days...
Well here's hoping that driving home from work later today isn't too scary.. don't mind a blizzard so much if I can stay
Have a lovely day.. thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday and some new things...

Morning.. have been busy painting.. am off to work today.. hoping that my body won't be so sore this
I do have a link to my Etsy store on here finally and managed to get some new things listed too.. yay!! more to come soon.. I may have gotten past my mental block about doing write ups etc. I am hoping so. I've been busy looking for new quotes for my little 4"x4" signs too.. any favorites of yours that you would like to share would definitely be appreciated..
Finished some of these signs... always popular even though they are piddly to do.. sorry it looks a little sure you've noticed by now.. taking pics isn't one of my strong
The challenge this week is blue at I am the Diva. so here are the 2 I have done for this week.. I love this Betweed tangle..
The center of the second one looks so grey but it is a blue grey..and my brand new micron blue pen ran out on the first one.. sigh...
The weather is warming up.. but of course that means more snow.. no one can talk about anything but the flood that is coming.. they are already making up sand bags and cutting the ice at the bridges on the rivers near Winnipeg. This so spoils the thought of spring to think of all the water and devastation it brings.
I sent off my matchbox challenge but keep forgetting to post a pic of it..
Hope my swap partner likes it...won't show you the inside till she has received it..
Well should get ready for work.. Hope everyone has a lovely day.. and thanks for stopping by..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I love Sundays

I think its a throw back to when the kids were home.. sundays were rest, catch up on what was going on with them, watch movies and just hang out together.. miss those days but the thought of sunday still makes me smile.
Yesterday did not go quite as I had intended but it was a fabulous day anyways.. I had wanted to make some painted canvases for an order and future projects and once I got into it was soooo much fun, so messy that I did more than what I had intended.. these are all done with the credit card technique or just my fingers.. the browns are always the most popular for signs etc but experimented with blues, greens and pinks.. wondering if this would be a fun thing to do again on a Chaya weekend or maybe not...
This is one of the signs I use the browns for...
I also received my stamps from Bessie and Bea over at The Creative Sandwich... thank you.. can hardly wait to play with them...with the cutest ever cupcake card..

My girlfriend came out in the afternoon.. brought a lasagna for supper and we sat and painted and chatted till late in the evening.. couldn't ask for a better day...
I think I need to retake my pictures of my cards though before I can put them up on my Etsy store.. there's a glare from the gold on the lettering, so once there's enough light.. think that's what I'll get on with..
Thank you for stopping by.. and hope you have a lovely day too...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunny Beautiful Saturday....

Yup it is and we are going to ignore the predictions of snow and a colder March than
It's been a fun and busy week. I couldn't believe how sore I was after working those 2 days.. you think you are an active person but... obviously not using the same muscles that it takes to put out freight and clean and organize sections. I did really enjoy it though and am looking forward to going back.
The best part of the week though was the OWOH giveaways that came in the mail... Look at this cute stamp and paper from Saskia.. I love cupcakes.. so this is fantastic.. a whole set of paper with cupcakes.. how much better can it
Then Jo's beautiful cards from My Paper Playhouse came and they are even more beautiful in person than the pics.. absolutely adore them.. will not be easy to give them

 Then the lovely Inukshuk earrings and pendant came from Sharon over at My storyArt came as well.. they are wonderful..
Thank you all.. was better than Christmas getting all these lovelies in the mail..
I can't say that I got alot accomplished this week.. spent yesterday catching up on all the things I had to reschedule because of the storm on tuesday.. and figured seeing as the day was mostly gone might as well catch up on laundry.. so at least that is done.
I did do some tangling.. but ran out of paper cut the right size for them and was too lazy to go cut some more but these torso atc cards were sitting there left from an altered art project.. sooooo now they are
I did spend some time checking out more tangle patterns.. it's just amazing what there is...
I have been slowly taking pics off discs and putting them on the external hard drive my son gave me.. and found these 2 pics of things I had done awhile back..
The quilled tea cup and saucer I entered in the Interlake Art Show and got first for it. It was my first free standing piece..
 Sorry about the cow peeking from behind.. didn't notice that before.. but what else would my serviette holder be? lol
And here's a jug I did with a Dizzy by Designs pattern.. not sure if she is still designing or not.. but do love the ones I got from her..must be time to do some more of them...

Sorry this ended up so long.. just kept thinking of new My intention for today is to put some quilled b-day, mother's day and wedding cards up on Etsy.. and to find out how to put the link for my Etsy store on my blog., would also love to be able to change the look of my blog so it's pretty like so many others.. but we shall see..
Hope you all have a lovely saturday, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March.. in like a lion...

Well March came in like a lion.. nasty winds.. blowing snow and -37c with that wind chill.. so it can only get better right???? lol
I start my new part time job today.. am excited but nervous.. it's been awhile.. but am looking forward to it.. it will be 2-3 days a week., so someone is going to have to get abit organized here.. lol which isn't a bad thing I have always found I work better with a schedule.
Anyways.. I have learned 2 actual Tangle patterns.. the challenge at I am the Diva is to use only one tangle pattern. so with the site that Blue Bird told me about I found some. Now this first one Facets.. is a little wonky.. and not totally true as I didn't get it at first.. but I like it anyways... the second one is called Bales and I love it too and can see doing alot more with both of them.
I have been finishing up things that I started for sales in the fall.. and didn't get finished.. here's one of the strainers that I finished off...I see now that the picture is
and I finished off my swap cards for March and they are ready to mail today.. I love St. Patrick's Day!! I get nothing too exciting but cute I think...
Anyways..I know that there was something else I was going to say but can't remember but I should get busy and get ready for work.. hope everyone has a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by...