Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday and some new things...

Morning.. have been busy painting.. am off to work today.. hoping that my body won't be so sore this
I do have a link to my Etsy store on here finally and managed to get some new things listed too.. yay!! more to come soon.. I may have gotten past my mental block about doing write ups etc. I am hoping so. I've been busy looking for new quotes for my little 4"x4" signs too.. any favorites of yours that you would like to share would definitely be appreciated..
Finished some of these signs... always popular even though they are piddly to do.. sorry it looks a little sure you've noticed by now.. taking pics isn't one of my strong
The challenge this week is blue at I am the Diva. so here are the 2 I have done for this week.. I love this Betweed tangle..
The center of the second one looks so grey but it is a blue grey..and my brand new micron blue pen ran out on the first one.. sigh...
The weather is warming up.. but of course that means more snow.. no one can talk about anything but the flood that is coming.. they are already making up sand bags and cutting the ice at the bridges on the rivers near Winnipeg. This so spoils the thought of spring to think of all the water and devastation it brings.
I sent off my matchbox challenge but keep forgetting to post a pic of it..
Hope my swap partner likes it...won't show you the inside till she has received it..
Well should get ready for work.. Hope everyone has a lovely day.. and thanks for stopping by..


  1. Great tangles, and I love that matchbox!
    I pray the flood isn't as bad as they are anticipating in your area. I don't think there is an area that isn't worried about the water this Spring. Nonetheless, I cannot wait for the snow to go.

  2. Kathy, the first ZT is very fancy and wonderful! And I love this matchbox, too. It`s so cute!

  3. Hello Kath, loving your painted signs and your tangles... how awesome are all the different designs you create with these...
    Your matchbox is so sweet... and I'm sure your partner will think that too...
    Have a great day at work...

    Jenny x

  4. hey Kath im looking forwrd to getting my
    matchbox, its sooo preeeety....

    floods oh no.....mother nature is not being very friendly at the moment...

  5. Adorable matchbox! I love it! PS I sent your photo out today... Hopefully it arrives within a few days!

  6. Hi Andrea.. thank you.. haven't you joined the tangle challenges yet? I know.. they are saying equal to the flood of the century and showing pics from it.. very depressing...
    Thanks Devona.. glad you like it.. I think I am going to put some of these on my flickr for trade.. they are starting to pile up am loving the Tangled Torso angle..
    hey Christina.. thanks..too addicted to quit will check out yours right away too...
    Hi Jenny.. thank you .. glad you like it all.. you really should try this out.. it's too fun...
    lol you like it Jen? that's good.. hope it gets there is nicer in person.. had a hard time getting a good pic of it..
    Thanks Taylor.. can hardly wait to get it.. the matchboxes are soooo much fun..
    had a loverly day at work.. moving stuff reorganizing.. fun... but my feet and legs are sore.. not as bad as last week or at least not yet..
    thanks for all the comments and stopping by..

  7. Hi Kath
    love all the tangles, the signs and that matchbox is divine. You have been a busy girl.
    Take care and hope work isn't so hard on ya today.
    Thanks always for dropping by my blog.
    Loverly Les xo


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