Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunny Beautiful Saturday....

Yup it is and we are going to ignore the predictions of snow and a colder March than
It's been a fun and busy week. I couldn't believe how sore I was after working those 2 days.. you think you are an active person but... obviously not using the same muscles that it takes to put out freight and clean and organize sections. I did really enjoy it though and am looking forward to going back.
The best part of the week though was the OWOH giveaways that came in the mail... Look at this cute stamp and paper from Saskia.. I love cupcakes.. so this is fantastic.. a whole set of paper with cupcakes.. how much better can it
Then Jo's beautiful cards from My Paper Playhouse came and they are even more beautiful in person than the pics.. absolutely adore them.. will not be easy to give them

 Then the lovely Inukshuk earrings and pendant came from Sharon over at My storyArt came as well.. they are wonderful..
Thank you all.. was better than Christmas getting all these lovelies in the mail..
I can't say that I got alot accomplished this week.. spent yesterday catching up on all the things I had to reschedule because of the storm on tuesday.. and figured seeing as the day was mostly gone might as well catch up on laundry.. so at least that is done.
I did do some tangling.. but ran out of paper cut the right size for them and was too lazy to go cut some more but these torso atc cards were sitting there left from an altered art project.. sooooo now they are
I did spend some time checking out more tangle patterns.. it's just amazing what there is...
I have been slowly taking pics off discs and putting them on the external hard drive my son gave me.. and found these 2 pics of things I had done awhile back..
The quilled tea cup and saucer I entered in the Interlake Art Show and got first for it. It was my first free standing piece..
 Sorry about the cow peeking from behind.. didn't notice that before.. but what else would my serviette holder be? lol
And here's a jug I did with a Dizzy by Designs pattern.. not sure if she is still designing or not.. but do love the ones I got from her..must be time to do some more of them...

Sorry this ended up so long.. just kept thinking of new My intention for today is to put some quilled b-day, mother's day and wedding cards up on Etsy.. and to find out how to put the link for my Etsy store on my blog., would also love to be able to change the look of my blog so it's pretty like so many others.. but we shall see..
Hope you all have a lovely saturday, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love how you make the time to make art of all types. Your tangled torsos rock!

  2. wow freestanding quilled cup...amazing Kath..
    love you tangled torso , wouldnt that be a great name for busisness..The Tangled Torso lol

    yeah i cant believe the amount of tangles there are too...

    keep warm and lets hope spring is on its way...

  3. We had a warm day here in Ct, sun even graced me with its presence on my walk ;) Tons of lovely treasures on your blog today!

  4. Lucky you!! Such great prizes... I can see why your quilled teacup won - it is perfect!!!

    Hugs, antonella :-)

    P.S. Not sure if you want to do this, but for adding your Etsy store link you can always try the blogger "picture" gadget - you can give it a title, link to your store and could even post a picture - best of luck!

  5. Thanks Christina.. glad you like them.. some accidents just turn out great hey?
    Thanks Jen...ha.. Tangled torso.. awesome.. what can we start to use it? lol
    Thanks Melinda...appreciate it...
    Thanks Antonella.. will try that..glad you like the teacup.. praise from you on my quilling is most appreciated.. yours rocks!

  6. That teacup is AMAZING! I don't know if I'd ever have the patience to quill that much... I don't always have too much stamina with crafts! That's why I sell photography in, not crafts. :)

  7. You'd be surprised how easy it is Taylor.. it's a practice thing more than anything.. you should give it a try.. it's an amazing art...

  8. It is pretty amazing!


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