Friday, March 11, 2011

So this is Spring???

Good morning.. woke up to freezing rain.. with a blizzard warning for later today.. yup gotta be March in Manitoba! lol I am off to work today too.. so we shall see...
I had a random day yesterday.. lots of plans.. nothing that really worked out the way it was supposed to..we had some plugs changed in the house.. so no power for alot of the day.. took the opportunity to pull out my computer and clean the inside.. (this has been on my list of things to do since Christmas so was a good thing).. can't believe how dusty it gets.. and how much quieter it is running
I did get some things finished though.. This is a new pattern from Susan at Sawdust Brushstrokes n' Stitches.. she has just started selling her original designs.. This is Buttercup.. isn't she just the cutest? I think I'm going to hang a little welcome sign on her for outside my door.. love her.. working on another one that hopefully I will get finished soon...
Now these 2 Welcome Bunny signs have just been waiting for their bows on their necks for awhile now... planning to put them up in my Etsy store... not sure what this fascination with bunnies is at the moment but I like how they turned out...I did the background with pretty paper...and I love these sign boards that my father in law made for me..
And a journal that I finished ..

My new Tangle isn't ready yet ... I'm doing one that is a lot bigger..and what it's for is a Hopefully have that finished in the next couple of days...
Well here's hoping that driving home from work later today isn't too scary.. don't mind a blizzard so much if I can stay
Have a lovely day.. thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fun playing catchup with all of your creativity Kath!
    You do so many fun things and make me want to zentangle again ;)
    Your little granddaughter is so precious...Love your Icelandic name too!
    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend!
    p.s. hope the weather got better for your time on the road too!

  2. Freezing rain in march? What a spring in Manitoba...brrrr...
    We have +14° C at midday and it`s too cold for me (i love the "italian feeling"). Wish you a warmer time soon, Kathy!

  3. Productive week, or what!?! Wow!

  4. Buttercup is adorable! And those bunny signs are cute, too. Nice job!

    I noticed you added some new stuff to your shop- I love the little bunnies with the umbrella, and that "I cleaned yesterday" sign is great!

  5. Those rabbits are really cute! I'm so thrilled to see the snow finally melting here, for months all I've seen is snow! Of course now that means our driveway is a muddy mess, and our basement has water in it, but hey, I'll take it! ;)

  6. Hi Patty.. thanks glad you like for weather..haha....
    Oh Devona.. it is -14c this morning.. little fluffies coming down but nothing major.. thank you...
    Thanks Christina.. am finding it easier to get into a schedule of balancing things.. now..
    Thanks Marie..
    Thanks Taylor.. isn't she.. wait till you see the next one.. yes have been working hard on it.. I love that I cleaned yesterday.. one of my favs...
    hmmm... must be nice to have the snow melting Melinda.. here it just keeps piling yup could live with that too.. just to see spring..thanks glad you like the bunnies...
    thanks everyone..

  7. I can't wait to see the next one, then! :)


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