Sunday, March 6, 2011

I love Sundays

I think its a throw back to when the kids were home.. sundays were rest, catch up on what was going on with them, watch movies and just hang out together.. miss those days but the thought of sunday still makes me smile.
Yesterday did not go quite as I had intended but it was a fabulous day anyways.. I had wanted to make some painted canvases for an order and future projects and once I got into it was soooo much fun, so messy that I did more than what I had intended.. these are all done with the credit card technique or just my fingers.. the browns are always the most popular for signs etc but experimented with blues, greens and pinks.. wondering if this would be a fun thing to do again on a Chaya weekend or maybe not...
This is one of the signs I use the browns for...
I also received my stamps from Bessie and Bea over at The Creative Sandwich... thank you.. can hardly wait to play with them...with the cutest ever cupcake card..

My girlfriend came out in the afternoon.. brought a lasagna for supper and we sat and painted and chatted till late in the evening.. couldn't ask for a better day...
I think I need to retake my pictures of my cards though before I can put them up on my Etsy store.. there's a glare from the gold on the lettering, so once there's enough light.. think that's what I'll get on with..
Thank you for stopping by.. and hope you have a lovely day too...


  1. Happy Sunday, Kath! I love Sundays too. The backgrounds are beautiful! Chaya would LOVE to get involved, I bet. :)

  2. lol thanks Ann... it is the most wonderful day of the week I think.. yes I am sure she would.. was just thinking about how covered with paint I was..

  3. what a perfect day, you very productive too...and yum love lasagne...

  4. You are very creative!
    Have a great week of art!

  5. Thanks Jen.. yup love productive days.. and finished off with mocha shortbread.. doesn't get much better than that..
    Thank you Sema... you have a lovely week as well...

  6. I love clear stamps! They work much better than rubber ones... plus they're easier to line up, etc! I hope you had a great Sunday!

  7. sounds great, good food and good friends, what could be better?

    Funny, I made a big batch of lasagna Friday night (we're still eating it!)

  8. yup me too Taylor.. love the clear..
    It sure doesn't Jaime.. this was just a little pan.. had it for lunch and supper the next


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