Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Good morning.. and it is a lovely morning.. bit cold but... that freezing rain on friday turned into one heck of a blizzard.. by the time I got off work.. it was right ugly.. took 25 minutes to drive the 7 miles home.. and no I wasn't driving because that probably would have taken me an hour.. This coming in like a lion over and over again isn't quite cutting it.. am thinking at this point I will stop painting bunnies.. maybe that's it! lol We couldn't get out of here to go and pick up Chaya which was the most disappointing of all.. hopefully today we can work something out and go and get her..
Otherwise did alot of work on my Etsy store, finished up some new signs. I love both of these verses..
These are up in the shop already.. but hoping to get these next two in this morning.. so here's your sneak
see what I mean about the bunnies?? The garden blessings has a Kim Klassen bunny on it from an old painting magazine I found.. too cute....but I gotta let them go already...last bunnies you will see here.. lol
ooh and Pam over at  Fantail Digital is having a give away.. that's where I got that beautiful Eiffel Tower print for my canvas.. she has the cutest new cards.. I love the one with the rocks.. check it out and sign up....tell her I said Hi!!!
ok now this is my Tangle I've been working on.. not sure if I should paint it though..or if I should be tangling right to the edges... any thoughts? would appreciate them...
Well I am going to get those 2 new signs in the shop and have some things on the table to play with...I work wednesday and friday again this week..and if we pick up Chaya today it will be a very short, busy week... I am still having fun ripping the department apart and cleaning and putting things right but am wondering if this is so much fun... why does my house look like it does? lol.. I did not feel quite as stiff and sore after this week though.. which is a good sign..
Take care.. have a lovely sunday.. and thank you for stopping by...


  1. Great signs! And I love that tangle journal. Great job- and I hope you get some nice weather soon!

  2. Oh, that happiness is a choice sign is my favorite, I believe it wholeheartedly! I'm not sure what tangling is, but it looks really cool! ;) Happy Sunday!

  3. I love your signs! My favorite sign is the garden bunny!

  4. Thanks..
    Thanks Melinda.. it's one of my fav's too.. hope you had a lovely Monday..
    Thanks Kelly.. yeah.. think hes cute too...


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