Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Growing up St Patrick's Day was always an important day in my family.. you had to wear your green and all the little leprechaun's you could find..there was always corned beef, cabbage and shamrock cookies of course.  My great grandmother came over from Ireland with 2 small boys,her mother and her husband. Then I was lucky enough to be born on this day too.. made every celebration more fun...The corned beef and cabbage has fallen by the wayside.. and with my Mom and all that side of the family gone.. things have changed ..but still wearing the green and every year pick a different leprechaun or shamrock  to has been asking how do you feel, are you ready for this??  Well I thought turning 55 last year was weird.. but 56 wow.. I guess because it's on the other side now and closer to 60.. and really??? how did I get to be this old???? lol..but it's just a number.. and I sure don't feel that old... .but all in all has been a good day.. had a lovely lunch with my Dad and Stepmom.. and walked out of the restaurant into the beginnings of yet another by the time we got home the slush had turned to ice and the wind was blowing like crazy.. and all that loverly white stuff.. but home safe and sound..I  love talking to everyone that calls to wish me a Happy Birthday.. best part of it.. and Chaya sang on the phone.. we will blow out candles next weekend.. whooo hoooo!!!!
Here's a picture of my favorite Leprechaun ever... She  had a St. Patrick's Day party yesterday at daycare...and she loved this little headband with the hat... and even a pony and when we went shopping before we dropped her off.. this was her must have..
The challenge at I am the Diva this week.. was to use your non-dominant hand.. it was hard.. and sure took alot of concentration.. not happy with it.. but better than I thought it would turn hand got pretty
Well.. I think that's it for now.. I am tired.. happy.. and want to play with my new art book and watercolor
Have a lovely evening.. and thanks for stopping by...


  1. Very nice! I think lots of us will be glad when Monday and a different challenge comes but it's been fun seeing what everyone came up with.

  2. Thanks Sande... yes I am sure.. haven't had a chance to see anyone else's yet.. but it was a great challenge...
    Thank you too ledenzer... xx

  3. Happy Birthday, sorry it's a day late! :D

  4. Thanks Taylor.. no worries... had a great day..xx

  5. You're welcome. :) I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  6. You're welcome again. ;)


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