Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ahhhhhh Spring???

Good Morning.. has been a couple of springy like days.. snow is slowly melting... but of course there's a blizzard warning for tonight/tomorrow again...lol.. this blizzard every 4 or 5 days can stop anytime...I think we've got the in like a lion thing down pretty good already... it is time for out like a lamb....please!!!!!

I was so excited when I got a message from The Forest Faery that she was featuring my shop on her blog this week. Thank you so much Taylor!! This is my very first feature anywhere and  she did a lovely interview  and  does the most amazing photography. I bought one of her lovely photographs to alter a bit for Chaya's room. Wish I had it finished so you could see it.. She is also having her first giveaway on her blog... Dreams of Fae.. so check it out and see her beautiful photography..
I am amazingly slow these days getting anything finished.. am still working on the books for income tax.. not sure what happened to having those done by Feb... lol  still working on getting pictures sorted on my computer.. there are things half painted everywhere.. but slowly things will get done..
I did finish off another little sign with the brayered paint background. Love this quote..

I did play with paper some yesterday though and got some ATC's done. They are just random as I haven't joined any swaps for awhile..
I love doing the techniques for the backgrounds but lately seems like I never get around to making the cards...lol the Moon and stars card is a tin foil background with inks.. The Believe card is a painted background stamped with gold ink and sunflowers with a beautiful tatted butterfly that my sister made. The Lovelorn card is a brayered paper background that I received in a trade. I will get these up on my Flickr for trade after work today.
I haven't done the challenge for I am a Diva as yet.. but this is one that I was playing with different patterns over the weekend.. I love the red on it but think that is all the color it needs...
Well I should get ready for work.. we got 9 skids of freight in on friday so I can only imagine how many boxes of things I need to get out and organized today.. love looking at the different things we receive.. finding space to put it all is a challenge though... fun! fun! fun!
Don't forget to get over to The Forest Faery's blog and check out my interview and her giveaway..
Have a lovely day.. thanks for stopping by..


  1. Love that tin foil ATC, wouldn't have realised it was that if you hadn't said.

    We've finally had two whole days in a row of sunshine. Saw my first butterflies of the year yesterday. Yay - cautiously hoping Spring is really here.

  2. It certainly seems that we are always more ready for spring than Mother Nature is, doesn't it? I'm off to check out you interview... :)

  3. We've been teased here with several warm days and now I hear it will drop down into the 40's,that's just mean.I love your blog and will become a follower.I found you on Dreams of Fae,and wanted to stop by and say hello.
    When you have time I hope you will stop by my little blog home.

  4. Thanks for the mention! I'm so glad I could be the first to feature you. :) I hope you liked the write-up I did! Also, thanks for entering the giveaway... I appreciate it!

    And by the way, I LOVE the cards. So awesome! Great job. :)

    Have a great day!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  5. Thanks Carmen.. yeah it's very pretty.. love it.. no butterflies here yet..but that storm so far has missed us.. I guess we'll see for sure in the morning..lol
    So very true Melinda.. she really could speed things up around here.. peeps are soooo depressed about it.. it's been way too long a winter..
    Hi Rebecca.. thanks for following me.. and liking my blog.. I will check out yours too.. I'd be happy with the 40's lol..sorry..
    Thank you Taylor.. this was great.. and yes I love how you did the write up.. I so appreciate this.. and was so fun to see...I love your pictures and would be thrilled to win.. glad you like the cards.. it was fun to play abit for a change...
    I am whacked.. was a very long day.. and alot of work but all in all a very productive day.. so shall say Good night and thank you all..xxx

  6. You're welcome, Kathy, and I'm so glad you liked the write-up. :) Good luck in the giveaway! :D

  7. Spring can be a teasing time of year can't it. We're expecting rain and temps more like February weather than the warm days we've enjoyed...it WILL come tho I keep reminding myself!

    Love your cards...they each speak to me so sweetly!

    Happy mid week to you and yours!

  8. I think I need one of those keep calm signs for every room of my house. ;) Your ATC's are beautiful.

  9. Thanks Patty.. yes I know.. it will come.. thank goodness.. lol am glad you like my cards.. was nice to play..
    Thanks Brandy.. yes I have one hanging in here and in my painting room.. it's a good reminder.. lol


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