Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sisterhood Journal page and Color of Summer is Purple!

Well I am very slowly getting there I think... finally can load my camera and my printer now works.. I really hate figuring out this techie stuff but it's been harder not being home much either...all of these things take sheesh ... go figure! When I downloaded and installed Firefox it said it successfully got all my bookmarks from IE.. but so not sure where they went.. or any kind of tool bar
I did finish up my Summer of color Purple page though.. you can't see in the pic but it has a top layer of clear sparkle paint on it..
I am so sorry that I have missed everyone's red pages and probably will miss most of the purple too.. there isn't a day that I will be home or have family here over the next 10 days.. I am hoping I can catch up and see everyone's arty pieces once the wedding etc is over....
I finally finished Eva's June book pages and got it sent off to Lori on Friday for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook.. so here it is.. I hope she likes's a combo of acrylics, wax pastels and paper...

I was so lucky.. I was a little ticked when I went to Michael's after my computer died because I hadn't had a chance to print off the coupons.. first person I saw when I walked in was a friend.. laughing I said you didn't happen to print off extras did you? well..... she had printed off them all.. so she gave me some artsy ones she said she wouldn't use.. and I got a set of wax pastels and AND.... the Inktense watercolor pencils I have been wanting forever for 40% off.. whoo hooo!!!!
Anyways the sale is tomorrow.. will have some gorgeous pics of Lake Winnipeg to show you I hope.. car is packed and I am soooooo ready for bed... it was a very long day at work today.. craziness abounds.. school supplies coming in like crazy.. and need to be put out asap...
Sweet Dreams.. have a great night.. talk to you all again soon... I


  1. Loving your journal pages Kath :)
    All the best for your Sale tommorrow x

  2. Love your purple journal pages. The layers and the details are so nice! - And your pages in the sketchbook is wonderful! So summery and happy feeling! :-)

  3. Your journal page is lovely and what a shame you can't see the sparkle...also your ither page is

  4. Beautiful purple pages Kath... and love the sketchbook pages too... soft and pretty... the inktense pencils look fab... looked at them the other day but at $70 I decided to wait...
    Hope the sale goes really well :))

    Jenny x

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  6. Ooo- sorry to hear bout your computer problems... There's always something, right!? ;)

    The purple page is gorgeous, and the June page is also beautiful!! ♥

    Yay for Michaels (and friends!!! ;)! Haha, whenever we go to Michaels we print out coupons for each of us! (And, if we have an exra person with us, we'll have them check out a few of our things with some coupons! ;) Cheating...? Nahh! ;D)
    Haha, glad everything worked out! ♥

    Jordan ♫

  7. Ooh, PURPLE! And I love those beautiful June pages you did for Eva's book. They're gorgeous, you did a great job!

    It can be sort of annoying to try and figure out new techie things - I'm always afraid I'll ruin something, which is why when there's something to download on my computer I let Dad do it. ;) I'm sure you'll get the hang of your computer soon if you keep working at it, though! :) At least if you couldn't print out your own coupons, your friend was there to give you a few. :) That's what friends are for, right? ;D LOL

  8. Alright! computer is up and working, awesome art supplies at huge discounts,hummingbirds, flowers and purple! Wheeee!

  9. I'm going to the sale today! LOL - it's how I've been getting things for the event - heading to Michales with my 40% every week . . . But should be a good one today ;)f
    I love your purple page - so bright and cheerful and I like your "dream door" especially. Thank you for sharing it with us, xo

  10. Sorry to hear of your computer woes Kathy, that is always such a pain, but I'm glad you're up and running again (so's to speak). Love your journal page - purple being one of my favourite colours!

  11. Computer stuff stinks, doesn't it? I'm so glad I have a computer savvy husband who fixes all of my problems for me... ;) I LOVE your pages, that one with the hummingbird is fabulous, although the purple is pretty striking too! Sounds like things are super busy on your end, hope you're able to keep your balance. :)

  12. Love both your pages! LOL re the tech stuff! Same exact for me..I now have three different browsers to use for different sites - yikes!

  13. Nice purple page Kathy, what a great friend to bump into and give you coupons.
    Hope the puter stuff settles down for you. Sounds like a lot going on and next to no time to do anything. Maybe fall will be better??? oh yeah shows are coming. Yikes.
    Love ya, Les xo

  14. Thank you was beautiful.. sale pretty good...
    Thank you Mandy, Elisabeth and Jenny.. loved your pages too..
    Thanks Jordan.. yup always fun to go to Michael's and always make whoever is with me go separate glad you like my pages..
    Thanks Taylor.. lucky you... can you send your Dad over please? lol glad you like the pages... yup made my day it did.. funny when you go into the city and the first person you see is someone from home...
    Thanks Laurie... yes some of my very favorite things...
    Thank you Kristin.. this has been the most amazing journey thru color.. hope you had a lovely shopping glad you like my page...
    Thanks Sherry.. purple is one of my favorite colors too.. didn't realize how different each shade was in the different mediums.. yeah so to speak am here... hoping someone will do some tweaking for me this coming weekend...
    Thanks Melinda.. balance would be nice.. hoping my son will tweak up things on the weekend..lucky that you have someone close to do this.. otherwise I think I did pretty good so far... glad you like my pages.. hummers are my fav..
    Thanks Sandi.. checked out your beautiful pages.. 3 browsers hey? lol
    Thanks Les.. was very lucky.. ouch.. reminder of shows.. coming way too fast for's working.. have a list of little things I am not sure of.. but we are love you too..xx
    thanks everyone..

  15. Look at the little humming bird! I love love love these pages as well as your purple full of life & colour! I Look forward to following your artsy ventures as well :) xo Joanna

  16. Love the purple page and your lady's halo.
    Love Eva's page - hummingbirds are such a beautiful symbol of summer in the North ! What a treat they are. Beautiful !
    And you will love, love love the Inktense pencils. Talk about lovely saturated color ! Yum ! Enjoy!
    And happy August, Sistah !

  17. your purple pages turned out beautifully ... great use of the paper doily...I am always drawn to those ... the door on the other page looks so inviting...great details!

    techie stuff is so not my are right about it all taking time...hope you're staying cool lady!

  18. you're learning along with all your woes... ;) Just think, you'll know what to do in the future... lol!

    Pages look great.

  19. :) My pages are beautiful!! Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing them in person eventually!

    Hope your life calms down a bit soon!

  20. Gorgeous Journal pages. Love the purple and love the hummingbird too. Kim


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