Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yay! I'm back....

Quick post.... remember that storm that was coming?? well lightning hit so close that it fried the mother board on my computer and the radio that I get my internet with...I went and got a new computer on friday.. they were supposed to transfer all my data... guess what wasn't on it when I got home???? and I live too far away for them to come out and fix their mistakes but was kinda a moot point seeing as I got it all hooked up and didn't have internet Good thing I had Chaya all weekend to keep me got internet last night.. so am trying to figure this thing has Internet Explorer on it.. haven't used that for years.. finding it very confusing.. so am thinking I should be downloading Firefox and getting on with it..but I work the next 4 days and have a show next sunday.Icelandic Festival on monday... you get it right? lol so will be slow catching up... this new key board is so small compared to my old one, making alot of typing errors here right now.. haven't figured out pics as yet.. this one has a card thingie..
I will catch up.. almost finished my purple entry for this week...hope everyone has a loverly day...thanks for stopping by...


  1. Hey Kath, oh that's a drag about your computer, but at least you got a new and hopefully improved one. Figuring out all the technical stuff is the hard part, I hate figuring out new technical stuff!

  2. Welcome Back Kathy!! Sorry to hear of all the craziness with the storm and your computer.
    Good luck at you festival!

  3. Yikes, that stinks about the computer troubles! :( I hope you get used to this new one without too much trouble.

    Good luck at the Icelandic Festival!

  4. Oh no, you got hit. Oh no, they messed up:( Oh that's frustrating. You'll get it all figured out and running right again, just be patient and we'll still be here waiting for you:)

  5. Oh, I bet you'll have fun with the new computer, maybe it won't give you as many troubles as your other one. Unless it was the internet connection and in that case...;) Anyway, so glad you're back! :)

  6. Yippie Skippie, she is back. So glad you got the internet. What would we do without it now?
    Good luck with show, don't work too hard, enjoy the festival and hope I haven't forgotten anything.
    Take care, les xo

  7. oh man that stinks. I'm glad you're back. Get in the groove and you'll be back in the game in no time!

    Glad to have you back!

  8. Thanks everyone.. slowly getting things done.. this working for a living sure gets in the
    am thinking if I use the card reader I will have to reset the date every time on my camera but guess I will find out..
    have a great day and thanks..


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