Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monster squash update... and Summer of Color...

Good morning.. wow the days are sure flying... been busy at work.. summer holidays so us poor part timers get to pick up all the next couple of weeks are off today then work for the next 5 days straight..
I know you've all been waiting for TA DA!! my first squash.... there are more.. and I promise I won't post pics of each and every one.. lol
I did manage to get my Summer of Color journal pages done on the weekend... love browns and I use them alot so this wasn't hard.. and time seems to be on my mind alot lately..The red was an accident.. not sure if it counts as a bold splash of color... but found out that the colorbox cranberry ink I used didn't dry very quickly on the gel medium and tissue... but did give me a clear place to stamp.. "where does the time go?"
Now Carol over at Firecracker Kid Primitives is having a 15% off Christmas in July sale.. good till the end of the month.. she has some gorgeous pieces ..
Natalie over at Tins and Treasures is having her 3rd Anniversary sale for her Etsy store.. not sure how long it lasts so you should check it out today...
Cathy over at Tolentreasures is having her 500th post giveaway.. wow.. that is alot of posts.. check it out though.. you will love her painting..
You still have a couple of days to get over to Dezinaworld's great giveaway if you haven't already...closes on the 15th.
Remember that cool slideshow for the Fun Fall Celebration? well it turns out that my items don't show up when you search FFOFG.. they are tagged properly and I redid them all hoping it would work but they don't.. I emailed Etsy a week ago about it and still haven't heard anything back from them..grrrrrr
I did finish a couple of doors .. hard to just do one color or coat and end up not getting back to it till the next day.. or
Well I know there was a couple of other things I had to say but I really should get busy.. I have to run into town after lunch and do some errands.. so much for staying home for a whole hope everyone has a loverly day.. and hopefully I will have time to catch up on what you all have been up to for the last week... Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Wow Kath, love your journal pages and that squash is getting big.
    I know all about where does the time go? it is Wednesday already, where did Monday go?
    Have a super day off and hope you get to do what you want to.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Les xo

  2. Nice looking squash Kath:) I'll have to look up some recipes for that.
    Pretty pretty journal:)
    Thank you for the plug too! I'll check out the other gals;)

  3. What beautifully layered journal pages. I love the sheet music in the background!

  4. Those journal pages have a dream like quality to them. Great layering and lots of interesting images.

  5. Oh, I definitely think you should show each and every squash, looks delicous!! Love the journal page, I'm also a fan of browns. Hope the next 5 days of work fly by when you're there... but crawl by when you're home. I know it doesn't usually work that way, but... it's worth a shot! ;)

  6. Fab brown journal pages Kath...Love those clock stamps!!
    ...and yes I'm wondering where the time goes as well!! LOL
    Jan x

  7. Thanks Les..I know.. the days are flying.. glad you like my journal page.. it smells good too.. coffee/vanilla and cinnamon stained.. turned out good.. not what I had intended but...
    Thanks Carol.. it's my fav squash.. so sweet.. like to just cut it in half.. butter it and bake it face down.. haven't done anything else with
    Thanks Jen.. glad you like it.. love sheet music on anything and will check yours out right away too.. loving the browns!!
    Thank you Joanna.. appreciate it...
    lol Melinda..I might at that.. so excited about them.. nothing as big as this one yet though.. but do have 2 english cucumbers almost ready... thanks .. glad you like the journal.. love browns too...the days will fly by so much to do at work... evenings will be groaning about sore so might work..
    Thanks Jan.. love clock stamps too.. must be why I have 3 different sets for some love your pages too...
    thank you...

  8. Hi Kathy,
    We finally made the move to Saskatchewan. Things didn't quite go as planned, but everything is working out just fine. We love our new home in the country, and our garden is doing great. Not quite as good as yours by the look of that wonderful squash. I hope you are well.

  9. Oh I am loving this journal spread Kathy, beautiful work my friend. I grabbed the link you left on FB thanks :) just got home, have been visiting my parents since this morning
    hugs June x

  10. Wow, what a huge awesome squash, Kathy! Is is a spaghetti squash? That's what the shape reminded me of... I <3 spaghetti squash, and now that I'm thinking about them I really want to eat one. ;)

    Great job on the summer page/door! :D

  11. Such great photos - Everyone seems to have a green thumb but me. I've accidentally killed a cactus garden - poor thing was all over watered and exploded :-(

  12. Hi Andrea.. emailed you.. glad to hear everything went well.. lol thanks am pretty proud of my first spaghetti squash.. can hardly wait to eat it..
    Thank you so much appreciate it.. glad you got the link.. hope you had a great visit with your parents..
    Thanks Taylor.. yup spaghetti squash.. my fav of all.. yeah me too.. wondering how much longer I have to let it
    aww Courtney..thanks.. I sometimes am good.. sometimes kill shhh I have an aloe vera plant that is still alive after living with me for almost a year.. it's predecessors didn't live nearly so
    have a great day everyone and thank you..

  13. Love your squash Kathy :) yes we want to see more pics!! i love seeing other people's gardens.
    your journal pages are great! enjoying all the details you've added!

  14. Your squash IS a beauty...what a thrill!

    Great fun seeing what everyone is doing with is not my go to color...but WOW you made some great pages...the cranberry is a nice compliment too!

    Hope you get some time to relax and have a great weekend Kath!

  15. Your first squash is very impressive Kathy. We don't really see them here in the UK (well, I haven't noticed any anyway - lol). My husband is growing a selection of chillies at the moment, although there still at a very early stage.

    I love your brown journal page - great colour and beautifully collaged too.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  16. I love a garden shot too....and your journal pages are

  17. What a lovely journal page! And I loved reading that it smells good too - how nice will that be to revisit? Beautiful detail and sentiment, thank you! xo

  18. I love your journal page, very apt, where does time go?

  19. I like your journal pages! So lovely with the old music sheet, the old paper and the clocks! And I love the splash of red! :-)

  20. Love it! Accidents are always the most fun. :)

  21. Boy, one thing Etsy seems to be weak at is customer service. Did you post in the forums? Sometimes you can get a quicker answer that way.

    I think the red blends in nicely with the browns. And that squash! Lucky you to have some veggies, we got wiped out this year. Farmers Market for us!


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