Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monster Spaghetti Squash and more..

Halloween!! Seems abit weird to be painting Halloween stuff when summer is in full swing.. but will probably say it's even weirder when I start painting snowmen next I finished this up yesterday..just needs varnish.. loving it.. but can't post on Etsy as yet.. when did they start that you have to have a price to ship to one place in order to post something? That sure isn't easy.. it can change from location to location.. or is there some way to get around this? See you can flip the lid over and put a tealight in it...

It was back to work last night... so hard after having so many days off.. I forgot to mention that the craft sale was ok... nothing spectacular but it was the first time it was 1 day.. think it would have been better if it had stayed the 2 days.. but the vote was taken last year.. it was nice to see more crafters out and a few less small businesses... (not that I have anything against them..  just would rather see it all crafters again) So here's my booth pic.. it was a teapot day.. sold so many of them.. only a pic of one side of the booth.. there was too many peeps showing in the other but it's not like you haven't seen the same set up before...
Now ... the Monster Squash.. I am so excited about it.. have never grown one before.. it has lots of blooms.. and even some squash on it.. whooo hooooo!! That is a 4 ft piece of lattice that it's growing down to the ground on..

and a pic of my lovely seriously.. am loving this container gardening thing.. so much easier to take care of. Now one last pic then I should get to work... there are 149 blooms on this bunch of tiger lilies.. DH counted not me.. would have been fantastic if they had all bloomed at the same time.
Am thinking blogger thinks I should quit took 5 times to load this last pic..  It's supposed to be 29c here today but without as much humidity.. can't see that seeing as we had a little rain last night but can always hope...
Thanks for stopping by... and reading all this... lol Hope you have a loverly day...


  1. Wow, what a lot of tiger lilies! And I love the garden containers. :)

    Nice job on that Halloween container... and what a full setup, I hope you sold a ton of that stuff! :D

  2. I love that little Halloween creation, so cute!! Hard to think about cool, fall weather when we seem to be in the middle of our first heat wave... ;) Glad you did well at the show, and the squash looks great! :)

  3. Love that container - even more so with the tealight in it. Just fabby :D

  4. Always love seeing what you and your garden are up to, Kath!

  5. Thanks Taylor... yeah there is a lot of them.. and more to come.. whooo hooo.. this garden things is great..I love halloween.. and yeah the sale was pretty good...
    Thanks is hard but nice to know it's still so far away..hehe...
    Thanks Carmen.. it did turn out cute.. still haven't found a box to figure out post for it..
    Thanks Ann...
    lol Courtney.. thanks.. probably just a monster to me.. but glad you like it..
    am off to work today... and tomorrow..
    thanks for commenting.. xx

  6. OMGoodness Kathy, can't believe the months are ticking away.
    Hallowe'en painting already. Don't laugh I have more gourds to clean up and start painting and ornaments. That will be all I am doing this year.
    I like the look of your garden this year, easy and so tidy.
    Hope you get lots of squash.
    Happy Friday, les xoxoxox

  7. Hi Kathy:) I'm digging that coffe pot you painted. Awesome!
    Your garden and flowers are flourishing fabulously too. So much beaty and rewards you get from them;o) Great green thumb you got there gal.

  8. Thanks Les.. they sure are moving quick.. cool.. thot you had done all your gourds.. I need to paint everything.. a little far behind already I hope so too.. spaghetti squash is my fav... have a great weekend..xx
    Thanks Carol.. glad you like.. am loving it too.. yes.. everything is growing good.. hey I noticed even Debbie's blog comes up now.. it would never update..very cool.. can't thank you enough... hope you have a lovely weekend..

  9. That halloween design is so cute! I swear, your stuff fly off the shelves around here at the craft shows. Your booth looks great! Shows are hard, aren't they! So much to load up, unload, set up, load back up...

    Did Etsy change things up again? Shipping is one of the hardest things for me to figure out, especially on the boxes that are oversized. I've lost my butt a couple of times from underpricing the shipping. Tricky!

    Your garden looks fantastic! Did you build those containers?

  10. Love the coffee pot!! You painted it so adorable!! I'm also going to start painting Halloween this weekend. It will be here before we know it!!!
    Happy Painting, Denise

  11. Love your painting Kath... looks fabulous... as does your booth... what a wonderful set up... and your tiger lilies are gorgeous... wish I was a more motivated gardener...

    Jenny x

  12. Thanks Laurie..hmmm maybe I should be down there.. did well but things weren't yeah the shipping is the worst.. have lost money that way too.. no those are cattle feeders..long troughs for their grain..
    Thanks Denise.. yes things have a way of just speeding up..
    Thanks Jenny.. most of this comes up on it's own.. am not a motivated weeder.. that's for
    anyways.. have been working lots.. and actually slept in this morning.. so no post today.. hopefully catch up tomorrow..

  13. Love that container gardening! And that coffee pot is really nice. Have never painted any as Halloween before, have to try that!



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