Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer of Color... Orange

Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks.. but so much fun...great show, lots of family, visiting, Chaya time, sun and a beautiful wedding... my son was out and tweaked up this computer so perfectly.. think I can find everything now.. he rocks! lol have alot of pics to sort thru before I can post them.. but wanted to get my last
Summer of Color up.. will do a review for the last week in the next couple of days.. it's been soooo much fun.. loved it.. sad to see it end.
It's back to work today...and hopefully will get caught up on what everyone has been up to this past couple of weeks.. hope you are all fine and have a lovely day!!


  1. It sounds busy, in a good way! I'm glad you've been getting to spend time with your family. :) And yay for your son and his computer-tweaking skills! ;) It's good to hear that things have been going so well for you. :D

    Lovely orange pages, by the way!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  2. Lovely pages! I love the mixture or orange and yellow in your background. Great quote too!

  3. Fabulous quote and brilliant Orange! It's just wonderful - thank you for sharing it and all of your work with us this Summer - can't wait for your "Show and Tell!" xo

  4. Oh Kath, sounds like wonderful family times... and yay for your son... computer tweaking is always a bonus :)) Love your orange pages... and the quote is perfect...

    Have a wonderful week...
    Jenny x

  5. Hey, Kathy, guess what... you've been tagged! :D Check it out:

  6. your pages are super Kath and Goethe knew of what he spoke :)

    Weddings are such fun...I will stay tuned from your DOES take time to plow thru them doesn't it

    Happy August days to you dear one

  7. Great orange journal page! :) You did beautiful faces. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole project together side by side. :)

  8. Hi Kathy,

    it`s beautiful to read Goethe in your language, thank you! The colors of your picture are perfect with this. I´ve not forgotten your wonderful blog, but it`s summertime ;-)and I`ll go for holidays to italy in the end of august ;-)

  9. It's always such a relief to get the computer running right. I've been battling my computer for a couple of weeks now but frankly, it's been nice taking breaks from it. Sometimes I yearn for the olden days of no computer or cell phones! Those are some fun orange pages you have there and I love the quote!

  10. I know you are a busy busy woman Kath! Your summer sounds like it has been fun though. These pages are lovely and it reminds me of summer orange sorbet :) So glad your computer is on the right side of the bed now!

  11. wow this is a gorgeous journal page Kathy, i love the dreaminess you created and i think thats really difficult with orange colour, you did a fantastic job on it
    hugs June xxxx

  12. Very pretty orange page. I look forward to seeing all your art together in a show and tell.

  13. Thanks has been a loverly busy couple of weeks....glad you like my pages too.. am working on the smoothie loving it...
    Thanks Jen... loved yours too..
    Thanks Kristin.. so much for this.. have had so much fun.. tomorrow I think I will get to my end post...
    Thanks Jenny.. appreciate it.. yes a tweaker is wonderful to have around...
    Thank you Patty.. yes.. you take so many at some of these things.. hope your august is going well too..
    thank you Natasha.. so glad you like it.. so wasn't sure about the faces.. they just sorta
    I hope you are having a wonderful summer Devona.. thank you for stopping in and your lovely comments...
    Hope things are going better Laurie.. yes.. sometimes it would be nice to step back and not deal with it but.... thank you..
    Thanks Jaime... yes.. always busy it seems... but so are you.. how did the pickles turn out?
    Thanks June.. so glad you like them.. was surprised at how they blended so nicely.. am loving those wax
    Thanks Janelle.. looking forward to getting around and seeing more as well...
    thank you all... big hugs..xxxxxxxx

  14. How beautiful your work is, but most of all the words you use are beautiful...As is the person you :) xo Joanna

  15. I've been reading through your old posts I might have missed and am loving it all! Orange is such an amazing color for fall.


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