Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Morning.. it's lovely and cold here.. with a prediction of alot more snow starting tonight.. sigh.... think we have enough already.. am good with a foot of it.. lol

Here's a couple of  signs I've listed  today on my Etsy store.. there will be more to come ...I haven't figured out how to put a link to it on my blog as yet.. hopefully today.. If you're interested in any of them.. just email me and we'll figure it out..
Orders are progressing well.. and all the laundry is finally caught up with.. it's been a good day. It was wonderful to sit and not do much yesterday.. I think I really needed that.. I did start on some Christmas presents though but that could be done sitting and watching tv.. like that!
Well.. back to work.. hope everyone is having a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by..


  1. Those are nice Kath.
    I played with paper again. I got myself some things at the Scrapbook store, yeah like I needed them but this girl got herself some stuff after those shows.
    Keep painting girlie, it all looks great.
    Luvs ya

  2. thanks Les.. ooooh paper... I can hardly wait.. sooo close...lol.. can hardly wait to see what you do.. still painting away here.. loves ya too

  3. Hi Kathy, hope you had a fabulous Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year...
    Your painting is fabulous... love your ornies especially the tag ones... just gorgeous :)))

    Happy 2011
    Jenny x


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