Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer of Color Wrap up

Good morning... another bright sunny and hot day coming up.. gotta love summer... This is the last post for the Summer of Color until next year..Yes that's right.. we will be doing it again yay!! Thank you Kristin for organizing this.. it was so much fun and the very first blog challenge I have ever the art I have will be available for awhile which is great because I didn't get to everyone's over the past few weeks... so  I hope you had a chance to check some of the blogs out... totally amazing...So here are all my pieces together...they aren't in order of the weeks.. not sure how to move them around on here .. but all in all very happy with what I accomplished over the challenge....
Blue week.

I was looking at Sadie Inspired 's Orange page and saw that she had a link on it to Christy Thomlinson's blog and Alisa Burke's blog.. loved their work.. and watched the great video on Christy's blog.. and while I watched .. here's what I came up with.. it's not as light and airy looking as hers but I had no idea you could spritz the wax pastels or crayons.. looking for a spritzy bottle now...and would love to try more of these on canvas.. my art journal was too small...
Anyways.. should get busy and do something useful..internet was playing up again today so even though I started this hours ago.. finally can post it...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day...Thanks for stopping by..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer of Color... Orange

Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks.. but so much fun...great show, lots of family, visiting, Chaya time, sun and a beautiful wedding... my son was out and tweaked up this computer so perfectly.. think I can find everything now.. he rocks! lol have alot of pics to sort thru before I can post them.. but wanted to get my last
Summer of Color up.. will do a review for the last week in the next couple of days.. it's been soooo much fun.. loved it.. sad to see it end.
It's back to work today...and hopefully will get caught up on what everyone has been up to this past couple of weeks.. hope you are all fine and have a lovely day!!