Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

Good morning.. it's a cold nasty day out there already.. brrrr...but this is my weekend off..3 whole days off...I just have to get thru today... lol.. All I have done all week is put out Easter Candy it seems.. wow...
No baby yet... Today is her last day of work, and her due date is the 29th.. so here's hoping will have some news soon... Have my bag packed and ready to head into the city as soon as she
I finished one order for a baby blanket and have started the second.. I love pink...
I made Chaya a new big girl tv watching afghan.. she's pretty much outgrown her baby blanket I gave her.
And here she is wearing her Valentine's Day stick on earrings and rings... she loves those
If you get a chance.. take a look at Taylor's from Perfectly Sensible Nonsense's  Beautiful video.. she did a fantastic job on it..
Well I apparently didn't load the pics I thought I had to show you my new canvas so will have to wait for another day...
I should get ready for work anyways... Have a loverly Friday and thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring has left!!

Yup.. I know it was just a false spring but it was loverly... +5c in February.. wow... but now it's back down to -22.. much more Februayrish..(so do not think that is a word but you know what I mean) .. this is my third day off in a row.. I have accomplished some things..didn't put too much pressure on myself.. lovely mental health break..finished another blanket.. and on to the next one...This is done in a variegated green and yellow yarn with a sparkly twist to it...
When I was in the city the other day I saw some metallic pastels.. haven't really used pastels before but I cannot pass up anything I had base coated a couple of 6x6 canvasses black before and could just see it in my mind.. so here it is... feeling very rusty it's been so long since I played with any art... still thinking of some words to put on it but for now this is good...I am happy!! Soooo loving those metallics...and pastels.
Lesley over at Harmony Road Studios gave me this lovely blog award...for peeps that have under 200 followers and are just lovely...I usually forget about these things.. I know others been so kind as to give me awards and I haven't followed thru on them.. So here are my picks for absolutely lovely peeps!
1.Jaime, amazing artist and  my Creative Sistah  over at Artsyfartsyme.. 
2.Pam over at Fantail Digital Art.. that gave me this lovely award way back when I wasn't really posting anything..check out her lovely photos..
3. Laurie over at Energy Art and Healing that does the most amazing work..
4. Brandy over at Artbrat's Bits and Pieces another Creative Sistah that does wonderful work too.
5. last but not least Melinda over at Inspiration Earth who always inspires me with her insights.
Please follow these simple rules.
1. Share your appreciation with the blogger who awarded you 
the Liebster by linking back to their blog.
2. Post the award.
3. Share the 5 blogs you are awarding the Liebster with
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4. Enjoy the new attention this award brings to your blog.
5. And last, but not least - have fun.
If you get a chance, please stop by and say hi to these five lovely girls...
Hmmmm, seeing as I copied and pasted that.. can't seem to get over to the off to let them know that I gave them an award...
Off to the dr's this afternoon.. all this rest has made me thinking sinus infection and possible bronchitis.. sooo not good... 
Hope you all are having a loverly day... Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st.... wow!

Good morning.. I don't know about you but I don't think that I saw much of January as it whizzed thru.. hard to believe a whole month has gone by... I have been reading different blogs and articles about your word for the year.. and I think mine is Balance.. I need to figure out a balance between working, art and just living.... Working 4 days a week is a necessary  fact now  but so is painting for sales and Art just for the fun of it... I miss looking at something and seeing the potential in it.. it's depressing to just sit and look at everything and have no spark.. Does this happen to you? How are you working everything in? The list thing is not working too good right now.. just looking at it makes me want to just sit and crochet.. which is ok too I guess... I made a list of how many new babies will need blankets before the fall.. 8 .. can you believe it?? So exciting to have so many blessings coming this year.. So on that note.. blanket for our new baby is done... will deliver tomorrow when I go into babysit..
Love this pattern.. so pretty... I'm on the third ball of yarn for the one I am working on now.. need 2 more blankets before the end of March...
I did finish my august page in my Creative Sistah's Journal.. For me August is special as it's my oldest daughter's birthday.. after miscarriages and a stillborn son at term I didn't think I would ever have any kids.. She was meant to be here and the joy that she has brought me is immeasurable..I think this is my favorite book of all time.. My Mom had given it to the kids when they were small and I still can't read it without having a cry..
Cathy over at Tolentreasures is having a giveaway.. one of her lovely paintings..if you haven't checked out her blog yet.. do so.. you'll love it! Lots of crafty ideas and fun!
I did get a few signs painted.. can you tell I'm in Amma mode?? lol the most popular names for grandmother's around here are Amma, Baba, Nana and Grandma.. what about where you are? I do get request for Oma occasionally.. so here's a sample of one of them.. hoping to get them up in my Etsy shop soon..those write ups just kill me....and figuring out the postage.. makes no sense to me that if it fits in a bubble envelope and slides thru that slot... just because it's not paper in the envelope it has to go as a parcel???? why??? and therefore more expensive to send...

Over the past couple of days it has snowed about 4 inches.. but the temps are rising.. they are predicting around 0c for the next week.. what a wonderful way to start February!!! And at work on Monday I put out the Seed display.. sure sign that spring is coming....Now I know I had things on a list that I wanted to say or do on my next post.. but not sure where the list  So this is it for me today.. I work 12-7:30 today.. funny it's been hard to get used to the shorter hours at work, now we are only open till 9 on thursdays and fridays..which is wonderful!!!
Have a loverly day.. thanks for stopping in..