Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello Spring??

Yup finally finished a Diva Challenge on time seems like it's the only time I make it on here... It's been crazy... snow storm on May1.. but finally the sun is shining.. the snow is melting.. I even saw a little bit of green grass today and  a robin.. Whooo Hooo!!
Store has been busy.. lots of spring/summer things to put out.. kinda felt a little silly putting out snorkeling things while it's snowing and blowing outside.. but oh well...
The Diva's Challenge this week was a blind string... so here's mine... this was fun.. I have been learning a few more tangles too.. so it's all good...
The Sale I went to last weekend was sad.. so few people came out.. I always feel sorry for the organizers too.. they put so much work into these things.. and it's a fundraiser for your rink.. and  so few supporters..for the # of peeps that came out I did alright.. had a lovely weekend with friends too so all in all it was good... It's taken me all week to finish these signs.. I know you've seen them before it's a good thing that they won't load.. Right?? lol
Hope you're having a lovely weekend.. thanks for stopping by...


  1. shame about the market kath but good that you did well lovely, lovely tangle...hope the weather continues to improve....

  2. Thanks Jen... yes.. I hope so too.. love the sunshine


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