Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept 1? where has the summer gone?

Well.. it sure has been awhile since I've been on here... there's been alot of reasons.. internet booting out when I thought I would do a post.. too much to say.. then feeling like I had nothing to piddling around on Fb when I should be doing other things.. working alot, Chaya being here for a few days..trying to get things painted for the fall, did some canning/pickling... hmmmm just been busy I guess...I did a couple of shows.. the one in Hecla and then a family festival in Lockport.. which was fun.. I have a couple of things for the Hecla one I'd like to show you but probably later when I have more time... Thought I should at least post something to try and get back into the groove.. and stop avoiding it..So here is a pic of my tent at Lockport.. I love my tent.. this is the first time I've used it.. and it went up so easy.. it was a beautiful sunny weekend.. that is my friend Heather in the pic.. she helps me at so many shows.. don't know what I'd do without her.. she is awesome..
Now just to show you a process....
Alot of sprayed lightbulbs hey? then
ok so they don't have their toques yet.. but that is coming soon.... was going to load a pic of a finished one.. but internet is not co-operating at all..
Time to get ready for work.. nice to be back.. hope you all are having a wonderful day..


  1. Awesome Kath... tent is great... I need one of those and always nice to have a friend help out... love the light bulbs...

    Jenny x

  2. Thanks Jenny... I liked this one the best.. saw some others that didn't go up quite as easy.. yes.. much more fun to have someone there...

  3. very cute!
    I find I never have time for facebook anymore as I spend too much time on etsy and the blogs, last year it was the other way, I HAD to check facebook! Been meaning to check it lately though...Just got my Sept sketchbook, isn't it like Christmas when a new one comes!

  4. Welcome back, Kath! You've been busy - that's good! Your tent looks perfect, as does the blue sky - oh how I wish summer days would last forever.

  5. time IS flying isn't it!!!

    Your tent full of creativity looks wonderful Kath and your smiling friend must be a real doll...

    Happy September to you and yours

  6. Where has the summer gone is right! Your booth looks great, very inviting. Is that an EZ up tent? Those things are perfect for shows. Cute little bulb heads, I bet they sell like crazy at craft shows.

  7. Yes it is that time of year. How come the canning can't be earlier, fall is way to busy. Love your tent, your friend looks so comfortable, nice to have the help :)
    Wow that is a lot of lightbulbs, you must have a lot of peeps saving them for you. he he. I can picture them with their hats.
    Good luck with future shows. Get some rest if you can. You know how that bronchitis works, always at the most inconvenient times.
    Sound like a mother don't I?

  8. I love my tent like that. Even though I don't do many shows anymore, we use it for so many other things. I am on my second one, having wore out the first one. Great pics of the lightbulbs, you sure have been busy!

  9. Thanks everyone.. yup an ez up tent.. so handy and good to put up...
    Thanks Andrea.. yes.. fb is a time waster for sure.. I seem to go in spurts.. but have to play my scrabble
    Thanks Ann.. yes we had a few days of much needed rain.. but it's back to sunny.. hate the days getting shorter though...
    Thanks Patty.. yup I don't know what I'd do without her.. happy september to you too..
    Thanks Laurie.. they do well.. and tent is so much fun.. might do more outside things next year..
    lol Les.. yup but that's not such a bad thing.. on antibiotics for my sinuses.. and trying to get the hang of that neti pot thing.. yuck I have boxes and boxes of lightbulbs.. just in case you
    Thanks Cathy.. have never done enough outside shows to date to warrant it..
    Hope everyone has a lovely day.. and thanks for stopping by...

  10. They are so cute! I can't believe summer is disappearing either. It has been cold here the last 3 or 4 mornings. It was hot then it was fall.

  11. It sounds like you've been busy! It's good to "see" you again! :)

    We've got one of those tents... they're very useful, aren't they? :)

    And those snowmen? Kathy, they're ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Your creations are awesome - I hope you sold tons at those shows you did! :D

  12. Hiya Kath, wow looks like you had a lot of fun and I loved taking a peek at your show stand. Beautiful ornaments too. its so good to see you posting on here. I know what you mean about FB i try to just keep it on and pop on there in between things lol. dont usually spend more than ten mins at a time there
    hugs June xxx

  13. Sorry I'm realllly late at commenting! (I haven't been on here much either! ;D) But this is awesome!

    I love, love, loooove the snow men!! They are soo cute! ♥ I want one ;)


  14. Your tent looks great! Cute lightbulbs. ^.^

  15. Wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving dear Kath!


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