Saturday, January 7, 2012

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Good morning.... Yikes you say!! she is still alive!!! well sorta It was a crazy fall, if I wasn`t at work I was doing shows.. if not there painting like crazy to get ready for the next show..I felt like a hamster on a wheel.. Some serious life changes happened too and change isn`t always easy for me.  Staying off the computer was the only way to get anything done.. have thought about you all so often and wondered what you were up to..and how you all were, but you know the longer you put things off the harder it is to catch up on ... Procrastination has been my middle name this year or maybe my first name..Did you make any resolutions this year? No resolutions as such here but have everything ready to start painting 1 day a week starting next week.. after Chaya goes home on Monday.. I came home from that last sale thinking.. either start doing this right or quit.. the stress is so not worth it.. and seeing as getting rid of any stash would be painful 1 day a week to start with is the plan.
Don't you love my new look?? nope I didn't do it.. just picked it out and Les over at Harmony Road Studios did it for me... She is having a 300th post giveaway too.. am sure you'd love to win one of her awesome pieces.. Thanks Les.. I appreciate it!!
For christmas I made Chaya a hobby horse.. I have made and sold hundreds of these in the past.. I had forgotten how much fun they were so am thinking I should add them back into my inventory..they do take up alot of display space though...
New baby is due end of Feb.. so excited.. working frantically trying to finish crocheting a new blanket for it's arrival..Chaya is excited but not so sure about some of the changes coming with it..
I painted for the first time on Moose antlers..a christmas present for one of DH's cousins.. this will sit by their front door.. fun!!
Anyways.. posting wasn't as hard as I thought so now wondering why it took me so long to get back but I should really get ready for work now..
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.. and thanks for stopping by.. have missed you...


  1. So happy to see you back with us, Kath! Hope you'll be able to swap again with the monthly matchbox group! Your new blog is simply charming and I especially love the sunflower. Blessings to you and your family with the upcoming new member!

  2. Hi there! We had a very relaxing holiday. I just took everything down today. I really like your idea of doing a piece a week. I might have to adopt that.
    Good to hear from you, and Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Kath! So glad to see you back young lady! Oh my, I can't post everyday either or I'd never get anything finished. You did good, and I hope the life changes were good ones :o)
    Aww, little Chaya is adorable with her beautiful red locks. Do you have a barrel you can put your hobby horses in? I love them too, always have. I had one as a child. One would be good exercise for me now! LOL. Fun exercise too!

  4. Hello Kath, it's lovely to catch up again. Your Hobby Horse and antlers look fabulous. The little girl is adorable, what beautiful hair! Your new look blog looks great too.

    Take care, and a Happy New Year to you, hope it brings all that you want xx

  5. Hi Kath, good to see you post. I don't post every day either but I sure can't stay off the puter. I love visiting.
    Your blog does look nice, you picked a really nice background. Anytime I am here for you!!!
    Love that hobby horse, I bet you could do quite well selling those. They look like they take quite a bit of work???Love those locks of Chaya, she is such a cutie. I bet you and her have tons of fun together, you should make yourself a horse too so you can ride in the sunsets together. LOL
    Have a super weekend.
    Les xo

  6. Forgot to say those antlers turned out really nice.

  7. hey Kath...oooh you picked an entirely different one, it looks so good.....Chaya is adorable as is that hobby horse. i have never made one and my kids are too old now lol
    hey ho off to work i go :(

  8. Hi Kathy!! :) So happy to see you back. I've also just jumped back in after a several month, much needed break! Just needed time to get ready for Christmas and figure out how to do it without the stress. It feels so good to be writing again and I'm so happy you've returned! I love the blog design, such a pretty sunflower. :)

  9. AHH, YOU'RE BACK!! Yay!! :D

    It sounds like you've been very busy...the computer definitely takes up a lot of time, and I can understand how you had to stay off in order to get stuff done!! So glad you're back now, though. <3 And I just love the gorgeous sunflower design, great pick!

    That hobby horse is fantastic, and Chaya is adorable as exciting about the new baby, it's nearly here!

    Sending a hug - welcome back to the blogosphere!! <3

  10. Thank you Karen.. it feels good to be back.. hopefully swapping soon..couple of things to catch up on first...
    Hi Andrea.. funny was thinking about you the other day.. wondering how your first christmas in your new place was.. Happy New Year to you too!! good to hear from you too...
    Hi Carol.. yes it is good to be back.. thank you too.. I probably didn't take pics way back when when I was selling them.. but have an old nail barrel that I used to display them in.. they are fun and fun to do.. yup alot of exercise too.. I could use some of that.. life changes not so good but am dealing with them..
    Morning Sherry.. thank you.. good to see you again too... will have to check and see what you've been up to...Happy New year to you too.. can only get better right? lol
    Thank you Les..for all the work you did on my blog.. so appreciate it.. I love it... the hobby horses are piddly but fun.. and yes I did do very well with them.. already have an order for one from a girlfriend for her not so sure about riding one myself though...haha...
    Yup Jen... loved the colors in the other one but was too busy for me.. this is my style.. made those horses when my kids were small.. and sold them at sales for years.. got tired of making them but so enjoyed making this one.. we shall see...she is a cutie isn't she.. hope you had a good day at work.. mine was ok.. once I knew Chaya was down.. just wanted to go
    ahh Melinda.. so happy to see you too.. yes I needed a break too.. have missed your writing and insights.. so glad you are back too.. thank you for the welcome...
    Oh Tay.. thank you.. have missed you and all your writings.. how did the book challenge go? this working 4-5 days a week doesn't leave alot of time for things.. got overwhelmed.. minor but all is good.. thank you for the New year's wishes too..
    Thank you all for coming to say Hi and welcome me back.. I so appreciate it.. have missed you all.. and feels so good to be writing and sharing again...

  11. NaNoWriMo went well, thanks! I wrote 50,461 words between November 1-30, so it was a success. :D

    I'm sorry to hear how overwhelmed you were...I'm glad you're feeling better now, though. And so glad you're back! It's good to hear from you. <3


  12. Thanks Tay... wow that is alot of words.. glad you were happy with it... still overwhelmed but doing better.. will try and catch up once Chaya has gone home... good to hear from you too..
    Big hug..

  13. Well look who it is!! Hi ya Kath! Glad to see you back and with a beautiful new blog design! It's understandable the need to have some time off. Between shows, working and babysitting, it sounds like you have your hands full. Just don't stress yourself out!!!

  14. Hey Laurie.. soooo good to see you.. thanks.. how have you been? looking forward to catching up.. trying to keep the stress level down.. lol works sometimes...


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