Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good morning...

Short post.. have to get ready for work..Cleaning and getting ready for inventory!! fun times.. I just wanted you to check out Les's blog Harmony Road Studio .. she has some great prizes for her 300th post..I want to win!! lol I have her button up on the side there ...check it out.. she does lovely work.
We finally got snow the other day.. and expecting more tonight... ugh... and wind.. could be pretty nasty... keeping fingers crossed it misses us.. lol shouldn't complain.. the winter will seem so much shorter...
I did an order for a girl before christmas.. all sunflowers.. I don't paint nearly enough of these lately.. on the list for this year though...
So go check out Les's giveaway... and have a wonderful day!!
Heigh Ho.. Heigh Ho it's off to work I go!!


  1. Lovely sunflowers! What a cheery sight on a rainy west coast morning :)

  2. We haven't had snow since October...I'm not sure where I stand with it. I kind of want some white stuff, but at the same time the pleasant, spring-like weather we've been having is quite nice. :) Guess I'll just leave it up to the snow faeries to decide! ;)

    Ooh, and I love your sunflowers!! Definitely paint some more of those - so gorgeous. <3


  3. les has some prizes doesnt she? lovely cheery sunflowers to, have a good day at work..

  4. Ooooh yes, loving the gorgeous giveaway Les has on at the moment Kath...
    And loving your beautiful sunflowers too...

    Have a fabulous day
    Jenny x

  5. Those sunflowers are beautiful. I just left another blogpost featuring a sunflower. :) Nope, as Tay said, no snow here since October... very strange. Have a great night!! :)

  6. That truly is a lovely blog you led us too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work.
    And those really are some nice sunflowers you painted there.
    I have a quick question. Do you treat any of your stuff to be used outdoors? I ask, because I was given a sign, painted in acrylic, want it outdoors, and need to know what to treat it with.
    Christmas at the new house was great. Because we didn't have to travel at all, it was very relaxed. And I finally got to enjoy the holiday with my house fully decorated! Every other year, I would decorate, and then we would leave. Where's the fun in that?
    All my best,

  7. Ah thanks for the plug Kath.
    Love your sunflowers. I love painting them too but maybe closer to spring or summer.
    You can have the snow and the wind, that only means it will be coming my way eventually.
    Take care and thanks again.
    Drive carefully but you didn't hear it from me...

  8. Thank you all.. well we didn't get much snow.. but it's still blowing.. and with the wind chill....-34c...brrrr and to think that 2 days ago it was +6c.. whacked out winter for sure...so glad it's not raining here Sandi... but could be a tad bit warmer..lol
    We haven't had much snow either Taylor.. and I was good without it.. thanks glad you like the sunflowers.. yup will be doing more..
    Thanks Jen and Jenny..yes.. Les has some gorgeous prizes..I will send you pics when I win...lol
    Thanks Melinda.. weird that you haven't had snow at all.. we have very little.. mostly in the past few days.. but this cold I could sure do without.. ugh... only good thing is that winter will seem very short this year..I think everyone is thinking summer with the sunflowers.. thank you..
    Glad you like Les's blog. Andrea.. she does some amazing things.. as for the sign.. would get some spray outdoor varathane and give both sides a few coats of it..So glad you had a great christmas in the new house.. and were able to enjoy it decorating and all.. what a difference it makes to not have to travel..
    You are so welcome Les... yes probably coming your way.. lol.. but not nearly as bad as they predicted ... but sooooo cold... ugh...
    Thanks for the visits everyone..had to be at work at 8 this morning..so early to bed last night and no time this morning...
    Have a great night..

  9. your sunflower pieces are oh so lovely Kath!

  10. Ohhh, these are so pretty! I love the swirls and the color really pops on those beautiful wood pieces.
    Thank you for your visit and sweet comment - I look forward to seeing the art you make this year as well, xoxo

  11. Your sunflowers are so cheery and gorgeous! Good luck with the giveaway!

  12. Hey Kath! You work entirely too much :( you should paint more, these are beautiful! Puts me in the mood for summer :)

    off to go see your friend's blog

    xx Jaime

  13. Beautiful Sunflowers! I hope you don't get too hard a winter.
    You have been given a Blog award, see my blog here :
    http://fantaildigitalart.blogspot.com/2012/01/oooh-have-been-given-blog-award-by.html :)

  14. Thank you Patty... they are my fav flowers..glad you like... still mulling the heart project over...lol
    Thank you Kristin.. hoping to make art soon... loving what you are doing...
    Morning Laurie..thanks glad you like the sunflowers.. am thinking I didn't win..lol
    Aww Jaime.. yes.. should get painting too.. summer seems a long way off right now..
    Whoo hoo thanks Pam... will check it out..

  15. Thank you for your visit Kathy! I hope the new job is treating you well and that you have a chance to get your hands dirty (with paint ;) once in a while ;) xoxoxo


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