Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well winter is finally here.. days of between -25 and -47c this morning with the wind chill... arghhh.. don't think my feet will ever be warm   Had 2 glorious days off and worked thru alot of random things on my list.. was wonderful to feel like I had some time to myself.. no painting or anything up on Etsy but am set up for painting and have pics ready to do the write ups for but  there was things that needed to be done first..shows to send applications for, gallery fees to be paid,  covers sewn for the change table .. I didn't want Chaya to feel that the baby was getting so many new things so I made pj's for her barbies.. they are not the best.. haven't made barbie clothes since my girls were small.. soooo piddly but fun..can see this using up alot of scraps in the
My daughter's best friend's due date is the week before hers.. so here's the baby blanket I just finished for her first baby.. I am just finishing the edging on the one for our new baby so should have pics in a couple of days...

I got the newsletter for the new Our World Our Art, so excited about it.. I stumbled on a link for the One World One Heart at one time.. and had so much fun checking out all the blogs.. and seeing all the beautiful art out there... can hardly wait.. just thinking about what to do for it....Hope I am jump started by blah these days.. you know it's bad when you're dreaming about work and where you're going to move things for inventory on saturday.. lol That nightmare will be over by saturday night though... Yay!!!!
I did get a chance to hit the thrift shop on the weekend though... got some cool things...
I know... Yay!! more stash!! lol just couldn't pass them up...
Anyways.. Hope it's warmer there than here.. should start getting ready for work... Have a loverly day! and thanks for stopping by...


  1. Adore the baby blanket! New grand coming my way on Tuesday !! The pjs are sweet - made me smile this morning thinking about all of those sessions of creating Barbie outfits - so many years ago!! Winter here in Victoria too...

  2. Morning Kath
    Snow is coming, rained here a couple days ago and now it is slippery everywhere.
    Love all the new items. I used to make my own barbie doll clothes when I got old enough to sew on the machine, brings back memories for me too. How fun.
    Sounds like you got lots done....the list is getting smaller?????
    Take care, good to see you posting....Les xo

  3. Oh, the dreaded "list", lol I can relate! The baby blankie is adorable, I'm sure it'll be a treasured heirloom for generations!

  4. Ugh, I hate when your feet get cold in the winter!! So horrible...that icy feet feeling is one of the worst. :)

    It sounds like you were able to get a lot of stuff crossed off of your list, which is awesome!! Those Barbie pajamas are fantastic, by the way, and the baby blanket is simply gorgeous. What a wonderful gift, I'm sure they'll love it!! <3

    So awesome about the thrift store stuff, too. I bet you'll make those finds look fantastic!! <3

    Great post!! <3

  5. cant imagine how cold it must be and to go on and on :( ove that baby blanket and am sure chaya will love those barbie clothes...dont work too hard!!

  6. Morning.. Thank you Sandi.. that is so exciting isn't it? yes.. the barbie clothes are fun.. so many
    Yup Les.. list is getting smaller.. glad you like the barbie clothes.. too fun.. yes I remember sewing them too as a kid.. hope your weather didn't get too bad..
    Thanks Laurie.. yup those lists are a killer..
    Thanks Taylor... yes I think that is the worst of all.. cold feet..I hope she likes it too.. was so much fun going thru all the doll clothes patterns that have been packed away forever..
    Thanks Jen.. yeah.. this cold is wicked.. still hanging on.. will try not to work too

  7. You sound so busy Kath, I love the cute Barbie PJs - and everything else really! Take care, and do stay warm xx

  8. Winter finally arrived here too! Snow last night, more headed our way tomorrow... then back up in the 50's on Monday! What a crazy winter! Love the Barbie clothes! The girls each have a doll wardrobe chock full of outfits, I had such fun making them when they were small! That blanket is beautiful. Hope those toes warm up soon! :)

  9. Barbie PJ's! How cool is that! And I'm so happy that you're looking to do One World One Art! I will be there . . . Beautiful, xoxo

  10. The blanket is beautiful, great thrift store finds....and Barbie clothes? Are you nuts? That thought passes through my mind and right out the other side! They are cute though!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Oh those barbie clothes bring back memories Kath... use to make those too... they look wonderful... and love the gorgeous baby blanket... when is your new grand baby due... I have another little one coming too... Em is due the first week of March... precious times...
    So looking forward to Our World, Our Art... it is always such a fun time...
    Hope things warm up for you and cool down for us... a week now of such hot days and nights where there is no breeze and hard to sleep in...

    take care
    Jenny x

  12. Thanks Kristin.. she was thrilled with them.. and now knows how to put the arms out to get them on.. I am looking forward to it too.. need to do some art though ..
    Haha Cathy.. just possibly... yes it was a brain fart but can't believe I enjoyed it.. thanks... day off today!!! whooo hooooo!
    Thank you Jenny.. I know my girls had huge wardrobes for their barbies.. loved making them.. looking now for my old crochet patterns for them Congrats...That is so exciting.. Sheila is due Feb 29.. sooooo excited glad it's not till march this year.. it is supposed to be around 0c next week.. hope you get a break in the heat.. will take anything you can send..xx


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