Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Cool crisp fall morning...

Morning .. it's sure cool out there this morning.. nice that the sun is shining but so makes you think of winter.. and I am so not ready for that...lol I had seen on the weather channel that it was supposed to be like this today so spent the whole day outside yesterday spraying things to paint..
The sale was good.. the sun shone so there was a lot of peeps out and about.. when we got back to my girlfriend's house .. we made two big platters of taco dip for Chaya's second  birthday party on sunday.. Doesn't she look lovely in her new dress and pink shoes? and Micah looked so pretty too.. I just can't believe that the time has gone so fast.. seems like yesterday that she was just a baby....but then it doesn't seem so long ago that both their mothers were this age too...lol  It was great fun...lots of good food.. family and friends.. can't ask for much more than that.
I had painted 2 red skates for this sale.. I only had a black one left to take...the skates are painted with a scene on each side.. and look great hanging on your door.. and they are just fun to do too..

This is one skate.. both sides...

and this is the second one..

I am off to paint now... I hope everyone has a lovely day.. Thanks for looking...


  1. The girls are so pretty, as are the skates! Glad the show went well.

  2. Hi Kath, awww Chaya is really growing and how sweet is that dress and the shoes :)
    The red skates are wonderful, love that colour. Hmmm something I have yet to paint, maybe that calls for a thrift shopping party.

  3. hey Kath, both girls look like litle princesses so cute, the red skates are gorgoeus...

  4. Thank you Ann.. gotta love party dresses.. and glad you like the skates...
    Yup and thanks..Les.. you really need to paint some this year.. and I think a thrift shop trip is always in order...lol
    Don't they Jen... they definitely are princesses.. glad you like the skates too.. love the red ..
    Thanks for looking and commenting..xo


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