Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Light bulbs...

I finished off a few of these yesterday.. on to cows today.. they are my favorite ones to do.. I had washed a lot of things to spray but it threatened rain all day yesterday .. and looks the same today.. wish it would make up it's mind already....would so love to be able to move some of this stuff out of the
Here's the tinfoil paper that I finished off.. turned out great.. I can hardly wait to use it.. hopefully today...
Did I tell you that I worked all day on the policy page for my Etsy store and the power shut off? I think so.. So getting that done finally is on the agenda today.. As well as getting brave enough to turn off my restore points and clear that D drive with the shadow copies that is flashing full all the time, once that is done I should be able to do a back up finally.. this is a definite
Thanks for looking.. hope everyone has a wonderful day..


  1. great fun that you recycle light bulbs Kath!

    your foil turned out beautifully!!!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours!

  2. Thanks Patty... yeah they are fun.. love doing them even though they are piddly..
    I just keep looking at the foil.. so pretty.. Hope you have a lovely weekend too..

  3. the tin foil turned out great Kath, now you have to make something with it....:)

    the colors are loverly!!

    cute little faces on your

  4. Thanks Jen.. yup.. still nothing is coming on that tinfoil..but sure do like looking at


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