Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some finished UFO'S

Its beautiful outside.. very cool.. no frost yet but no wind either.. lovely fall day... I spent yesterday reorganizing what I need to get painted and finishing up some UFO's.. I love to crochet but never seem to get to it anymore. I used to make these angels all the time but for the past year have been moving them around when all they needed was hair, wings and halos...here's a sample of them..It  felt so good to put them in with the finished items..lol
Then onto these little snowmen lightbulb ornies that have been waiting for toques since last fall...poor things..lol
One of the top things on my list is to start on more lightbulb ornies.. the bucket is pretty much empty from last fall's sales.. nice that they sold so well..not good that there's really none in there..lol
Then I started on the last of these Quilled ornies.. beautiful wire stars with quilled roses and daisies...There's about 30 or so in the bag  but haven't found the stars anywhere for the past couple of years so this may be the last of them..
I actually played with paper too yesterday.. Jen has this great tutorial on her blog with scrunched up tin foil.. lovely.. so I have 2 pieces of it ready for color today...hope to show you tomorrow what I wanted to do with it...
Anyways.. thanks for stopping in.. as always love your comments ..Have a fantastic day!


  1. Your little Chaya is such a doll! Two is a fun age with the whole world to discover :)
    Your holiday prep is really coming along nicely.
    Jen's foil tut was super, she had such great results ... can't wait to see what you make Kath

  2. Thanks Patty.. got the color on.. whoo hooo love it.. hopefully by tomorrow will have something to show you..
    Yes.. it's such a great age.. so many things to discover and do.. love it...

  3. Wow a busy productive girl. Nice to get those past things done, especially when all they need is a few little things. Little things take up time. LOL
    Can't wait to see your foil.
    I posted some torso's on my blog, go look when you can.

  4. Thanks Les.. will check it out.. yes..slowly getting things done.. will take a pic right away of my foil before I cut it up...


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