Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain.. Rain... Rain...

Morning ... have spent most of the past few days spraying things to paint before the rain started.. so now it's time to power paint.. I have a sale in Gimli this saturday and sunday so need to finish off a few things I'm out of for that.. I worked very hard on the Etsy store yesterday and think I am almost ready to list things now.. and have been trying desperately to get back onto my website.. I love ornies.. and here's a few I've been working on the past few days... Hope you like...
Isn't she just the absolute cutest? my fav of all my ornies...
The 1st christmas just happened.. could be for a baby .. newlyweds.. first christmas in a new home.. think I'll do some in pink too..I think that would be cute..and there's still abit of room at the bottom for the date/and or name...
Sorry the pic isn't great.. these could be personalized in the snow on the bottom.. love doing the music backgrounds.. and now the last one for today.....another tag ornie...lol... love these tags.. so many cute ideas for them....
Well thanks for looking.. hope you all have a wonderful day.. am hoping for a little sunshine here ..lol


  1. hope the sale goes well Kath and the rain stays away for a bit! your tag ornies are very sweet...

  2. dear Kath,
    good to see all your works! congrats on the etsy shop, too!
    hope everything goes :)


  3. Thanks Rosie.. and Jen.. and so good to see you Steph.. temps are actually supposed to go up for the weekend.. and the rain is supposed to stop.. all good.. xo

  4. Thanks Ann... appreciate it..xo

  5. You've been busy painting. Great job on all of them Kath! xox


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