Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good morning.. painted all day yesterday.. have alot of these tag ornies done up now.. These are Kim Klassen designs.. and now onto snowmen  and more basecoating of other things (this never seems to am hoping that it warms up some so that can get abit more spraying in today as well...
I've been working on setting up an Etsy store.. so many things to figure out.. it's amazing to me how many things I don't know some
I love quilling and my friend Ann Martin has a fantastic blog with interesting quilling and other paper artists that she features... right now she's having a give away for a new book that I would soooo love to have..I hope to show you a few quilled items soon.. I'm having to go back and retake pics of things that I have done as my back up disc I did before I got my computer reformatted shows up as blank .. so depressing to think of all the pictures and things I lost on it.. but my computer is running better now... so will look on the bright side..
Anyways.. off to get something done.. thanks for looking and hope you all have a great day!


  1. Hi Kath, love your tag ornies. These are on my to-do list as well as a couple swaps and more painting. Hope you got to spray today, been cloudy but sun did come out a bit.
    Have a super weekend.

  2. Thanks Les.. nope ran into wpg.. picked up Chaya.. was raining all day anyways.. cold and miserable today.. off to the city in the morning to return her... hope your weekend is good too..

  3. Your tags are really lovely Kath ... great look!

    We are finally having cooler evenings, but still pretty warm during the day ... change is in the air!

  4. Thanks Patty.. sigh.. fall just leads to the "S"

  5. oh your tags are lovely Kath, happy painting :)


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