Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain.. Rain... Rain...

Morning ... have spent most of the past few days spraying things to paint before the rain started.. so now it's time to power paint.. I have a sale in Gimli this saturday and sunday so need to finish off a few things I'm out of for that.. I worked very hard on the Etsy store yesterday and think I am almost ready to list things now.. and have been trying desperately to get back onto my website.. I love ornies.. and here's a few I've been working on the past few days... Hope you like...
Isn't she just the absolute cutest? my fav of all my ornies...
The 1st christmas just happened.. could be for a baby .. newlyweds.. first christmas in a new home.. think I'll do some in pink too..I think that would be cute..and there's still abit of room at the bottom for the date/and or name...
Sorry the pic isn't great.. these could be personalized in the snow on the bottom.. love doing the music backgrounds.. and now the last one for today.....another tag ornie...lol... love these tags.. so many cute ideas for them....
Well thanks for looking.. hope you all have a wonderful day.. am hoping for a little sunshine here ..lol

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Light bulbs...

I finished off a few of these yesterday.. on to cows today.. they are my favorite ones to do.. I had washed a lot of things to spray but it threatened rain all day yesterday .. and looks the same today.. wish it would make up it's mind already....would so love to be able to move some of this stuff out of the way..lol
Here's the tinfoil paper that I finished off.. turned out great.. I can hardly wait to use it.. hopefully today...
Did I tell you that I worked all day on the policy page for my Etsy store and the power shut off? I think so.. So getting that done finally is on the agenda today.. As well as getting brave enough to turn off my restore points and clear that D drive with the shadow copies that is flashing full all the time, once that is done I should be able to do a back up finally.. this is a definite maybe..lol
Thanks for looking.. hope everyone has a wonderful day..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some finished UFO'S

Its beautiful outside.. very cool.. no frost yet but no wind either.. lovely fall day... I spent yesterday reorganizing what I need to get painted and finishing up some UFO's.. I love to crochet but never seem to get to it anymore. I used to make these angels all the time but for the past year have been moving them around when all they needed was hair, wings and halos...here's a sample of them..It  felt so good to put them in with the finished items..lol
Then onto these little snowmen lightbulb ornies that have been waiting for toques since last fall...poor things..lol
One of the top things on my list is to start on more lightbulb ornies.. the bucket is pretty much empty from last fall's sales.. nice that they sold so well..not good that there's really none in there..lol
Then I started on the last of these Quilled ornies.. beautiful wire stars with quilled roses and daisies...There's about 30 or so in the bag  but haven't found the stars anywhere for the past couple of years so this may be the last of them..
I actually played with paper too yesterday.. Jen has this great tutorial on her blog with scrunched up tin foil.. lovely.. so I have 2 pieces of it ready for color today...hope to show you tomorrow what I wanted to do with it...
Anyways.. thanks for stopping in.. as always love your comments ..Have a fantastic day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good morning.. painted all day yesterday.. have alot of these tag ornies done up now.. These are Kim Klassen designs.. and now onto snowmen  and more basecoating of other things (this never seems to end..lol).. am hoping that it warms up some so that can get abit more spraying in today as well...
I've been working on setting up an Etsy store.. so many things to figure out.. it's amazing to me how many things I don't know some days...lol
I love quilling and my friend Ann Martin has a fantastic blog with interesting quilling and other paper artists that she features... right now she's having a give away for a new book that I would soooo love to have..I hope to show you a few quilled items soon.. I'm having to go back and retake pics of things that I have done as my back up disc I did before I got my computer reformatted shows up as blank .. so depressing to think of all the pictures and things I lost on it.. but my computer is running better now... so will look on the bright side..
Anyways.. off to get something done.. thanks for looking and hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Cool crisp fall morning...

Morning .. it's sure cool out there this morning.. nice that the sun is shining but so makes you think of winter.. and I am so not ready for that...lol I had seen on the weather channel that it was supposed to be like this today so spent the whole day outside yesterday spraying things to paint..
The sale was good.. the sun shone so there was a lot of peeps out and about.. when we got back to my girlfriend's house .. we made two big platters of taco dip for Chaya's second  birthday party on sunday.. Doesn't she look lovely in her new dress and pink shoes? and Micah looked so pretty too.. I just can't believe that the time has gone so fast.. seems like yesterday that she was just a baby....but then it doesn't seem so long ago that both their mothers were this age too...lol  It was great fun...lots of good food.. family and friends.. can't ask for much more than that.
I had painted 2 red skates for this sale.. I only had a black one left to take...the skates are painted with a scene on each side.. and look great hanging on your door.. and they are just fun to do too..

This is one skate.. both sides...

and this is the second one..

I am off to paint now... I hope everyone has a lovely day.. Thanks for looking...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

Wow can't believe it's Friday already.. and the long weekend... the rain is supposed to stop and although it's supposed to be cool... sunny is the prediction..sure hope they're right..lol.. I'm heading off today for Victoria Beach and their lovely long weekend craft sale tomorrow.. always a fun time... then my granddaughter's 2nd birthday party is on Sunday.. I can't believe she is 2 already.. where has the time gone? It should be fun.. I made 5 dozen bacon & mushroom quiches yesterday for it.. and will make 2 big platters of taco dip on saturday night after the sale to take along..I finished up a couple of little things for the sale.. and a couple of skates.. but the pictures of the skates will have to wait till they're stuffed and laced.. so here's the clothespins and skate ornies that are ready to go..
Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.. Be back Monday!!