Monday, January 24, 2011

Good morning...

It's still cold and blowing snow here.. cold, cold, cold!!! Am still undecided on going to the city today.. not even sure I can get down the driveway The weather station said it was supposed to be warmer today.. would be nice if they got it right some days..
I did get the cupboard door finished for my nephew's soccer team..I like how it turned out.. now just to get it to him if we don't get into the city today..
Thanks for looking.. and have a great day.. stay warm...


  1. Ooooh hope it warms a little soon for you Kath...
    Love your painting... you have such a beautiful style...

    Jenny x

  2. Love that door. You're getting colder while we're getting hotter!!

  3. Hi.. Jenny and Val.. decided to stay home.. went to the gym a 10 min trip was better than 1 1/2 hours..once I got down the driveway the roads were just finger drifts and not huge..
    Thank you both..what are the temps like there now? I would soooooo love that..
    Thank you for following me too Val.. found your blog and am following you too.. I love the beginning of that rag rug.. looks like fun..
    well off to paint some more.. xx

  4. hey Kath, wish it would up soon, at least you can stay home in warm and not venture out..
    lovely cupboard door tooo.....

  5. Thanks Jen.. it's starting to.. yay!


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