Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warmer..... yay!

Morning all...ok so it's only -11c but it's still alot warmer than -39c.. will take what I can get..lol
I didn't get much of anything accomplished yesterday.. going to the gym that late in the day is obviously not for me.. give me 7 a.m. any day... I did get paper cut for wedding cards though.. so can start putting some together...
I finished off this the day I did the cupboard door.. have a few more pieces on the table half done.. I just keep thinking if I finished all of them.. wow.. what alot I'd have done for the next show.. lol.. which is in April by the way...It is based on a Terrye French design.. few changes here and there.. love old jugs...
Willa over at "The Old Cupboard Door" has started a new blog and is having her first giveaway for it.. She does lovely work.. check it out..."Maywood Cottage: Through the Garden Gate"
Heading off to Gimli today to meet a girlfriend for lunch.. will be a nice break to get out of here for abit..
I'm working on this week's Zentangle.. not quite finished it yet.. hopefully by tomorrow..
Hi to the new followers.. appreciate it.. would love to follow your blog if you have too but am unsure how to find them if you haven't posted..lol...a little techie challenged here.. 
Thanks for stopping by.. hope you have a lovely day..


  1. Love your finish,,have a great lunch.!

    Love for you to visit me!


  2. Great bottle. I have a few of those in the stash somewhere! (of course) It was warmer here this morning but the fog was terrible. I am so glad that I didn't have to drive any further to get Kendall than I did...it was so hard to see!


  3. thank you all for stopping by and commenting.. appreciate it.. following your blog now too Ronda.. you do beautiful work..
    lol Cathy.. I have lots of them too.. love them..
    Thanks Jen...


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