Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good morning...

Well.. ended up running in to the city for the day yesterday.. the flu got shared so got to hang out with Chaya while her mom slept .. we had a fun day.. lots of reading.. and playing.. she's still not feeling 100% so she had a good nap..My girlfriend and I  had a great visit at lunch the other day.. then hit a used book shop and a thrift shop.. got a couple of new books and yes!!! more wooden bowls.. lol also some uncut patterns to make more of that paper..
So didn't get much accomplished at home except finally getting a back up done.. while I was waiting for it to finish.. had some time to play.. I sooo love that pattern paper background.. it's so soft and the texture is amazing..
I've been playing with altoid tins and matchboxes abit too.. I belong to a new monthly Matchbox swap group.. there are some beautiful boxes for the first's mine... hope she likes it..
Thank last but not least.. finished 1 for the Zentangle challenge this week..kinda weird not filling in the whole piece but like it
Hope everyone has a loverly day.. hope to finish off a couple of painted things this afternoon..
Thanks for stopping by and looking...


  1. Re- tangle - simple but lovely

  2. I love the simplicity. Great job :)

  3. Wow girlie, I rec'd my matchbox and my la la. I LURVE it and I LURVE YOU.
    Somehow I got a lot of little stars in my lap while looking at my matchbox, I was smiling to myself thinking YOU did that on purpose didn't you???.
    Love this arch btw. Must tell me how to do this tissue background. Is it a secret?
    Trade possibly????
    Hope you don't get sick.
    Tangle is nice btw.

  4. Thank you so much for the comments on my tangle..glad you like it.. I had no idea that there were actual patterns for this art.. am learning alot.. and really amazed at all the interpretations

  5. ahhh Les.. sooo glad you liked them.. now I can post your tin.. been dying to show it to well now the stars.. sorta yeah but was really short on gold things too..wasn't it fun? I showered you with oooh I would soooo love your tree of life shrine. Back a couple of posts on here is the link for the tut.... I saw it on Jen's blog..
    Hope not soon..
    Lurve you too..

  6. Oh----oooooh! I just want to look for your Ixorous-Zentangle and now I`ve found those sweet matchboxes!!I´m so in love....very pretty!!

    And the Zentangle is very special...I like it :-)

  7. Nothing like a day playing with your baby! Love your items.


  8. Thank you Devona.. aren't they just the cutest.. and so many ways to decorate them.. glad you liked my Tangle too...
    For sure Cathy... we had a lovely day.. thank you too...

  9. fun catching up with you Kath
    your matchboxes are wonderful
    and you are doodling!!!

  10. love the simplicity and white space! also, your other mixed media is beautiful. do you trade ATCs?

  11. Thanks Patty.. aren't you still doodling? you got me started on it.. lol... did you check out "I am the Diva" site.. there is sooo much on there..
    Thank you Laura.. I am so glad you like it..I am pleased with it learning so much from your site.. Thanks..glad you like my mixed media too..Yup am always up for trading do you do ATC's as well? I need to get some more pics up and then figure out how to put my flickr on here as well.

  12. That's an elegant version of Ixorus! Lovely!


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