Sunday, January 23, 2011

ok so it's abit warmer..

But I still can't warm up.. We were supposed to have B-day coffee for my son today but it got canceled as my Princess  has the flu..Poor baby.. feel so sorry for them, too little to understand it.
Painting is going slow hopefully will finish a couple of things today. I wanted to donate something to my nephew's soccer team that is having a fundraiser social for their team and half the proceeds go to Breast cancer research.. The kids are 12 years old and that is what they picked for their charity..Great kids!  so that has to be finished to go into Winnipeg tomorrow.
One of the girls on an ATC swap group passed away before Christmas and the group decided to do a tribute to her for this month's swap. She was a gifted artist and we all miss her very much. Here's the one I did for it..
Now over at Jen's she posted a background that she had seen at RobenMarie's, it's a great tutorial. So had to try it.. this is what I came up with.. here's my whole sheet...gel medium and  H2O's.
and this is what I made out of it..
 I found it easier to do more quilting on it after I had cut them up.. pics look abit dark.. they are really lighter than this..
I posted something new on My Etsy this morning.. which takes me forever to do the write-ups etc and am soooo frustrated with these ridiculous new postal rates..
Anyways.. if I'm to finish painting those things I should get off here and do
Thanks for looking.. hope everyone has a lovely sunday..


  1. oooh Kath we have been playing saround with the same stuf at the same time...i did aheap of that tissue paper this weeekend too, love the colors on yours...
    sorry about your friend , what a lovely tribute, stay warm ..xxo
    hope chaya gets better soon too..

  2. thanks Jen.. yes she was a lovely talented woman and we all miss her..
    I can hardly wait to see your colors too.. I only did the 1 piece but can see doing the feel of it..
    Chaya is feeling better but still not great..
    am trying to stay warm.. lol It is warming up..will be nice if the wind dies down..


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