Saturday, June 25, 2011


Good morning...I had a few days off all in a row..(whoooo hooooo!) spent them painting and getting caught up with some little things...but today is my 3rd day in a row working.. way too hard on this old
My first sale this summer is July 2  and I needed to get more of those lake/cottage type signs done up.. but while I was painting.. I came up with this... still not sure I like it.. don't usually do anything 3D.. but of course this morning the internet is wonky and has been flashing on and off.. hope I can get this So what do you think?  the little wooden flower is painted like a sunflower... and it has a little ladybug on a wire..I had seen 4 of these little flowers in the stash.. wondered what to do with them....
I decided to stay with the sponge painted scenes for the lake plaques.. I just added new verses.. here's one...
Here's my challenge for I am the Diva this week...I had a really hard time using only these two official Zentangles... am not entirely happy with it.. and I think I got a little carried away with the lines in the second you can't really see that the colored blocks are lime green...
I finished my pink for The Summer of Color... but can't show you that yet.. love it and so pink!!
We have had no rain all week.. some days looked abit threatening but it all missed us... so lots of heat and mostly sunshine.. soooo gotta love this!! I have 3 blooms on my spaghetti squash.. some flowers on my tomatoes,  and my  Tiger Lily's are almost ready to bloom...I had this random Bleeding Heart come up last summer .. it did ok but wasn't anything spectacular.. but look at it this year!! Chaya called it the Valentine flower... she loved the shape of the little blooms...

The postal strike isn't over yet.. they decided to give them more time to try and reach an agreement on their own before legislating them back to work.. sure is brutal for the small businesses that depend on the mail.. and I won't have supplies that I needed to finish things for next weeks sale.I will take my Etsy shop off vacation mode as I've been told that putting it on there will take my shop out of the google ratings and will take a long time to get it coming up again...not a good thing...
Well should get off here and post this while the internet is still on... this has taken forever to do.. Hope everyone has a loverly saturday.. Thanks for stopping by...


  1. "The Valentine Flower"... that's so cute! <3 I love bleeding hearts, too. They're gorgeous. :)

    And your signs are fantastic, Kathy! That lake one is really pretty, but the "Welcome to our home" one is just simply lovely. I love the 3D flower! :D

  2. I'm loving the 3D effect. You can do it!

  3. I love your signs Ksthy, especially the 3D one with the flower, it gives it such wonderful dimension. I love the subtle colour tones too. Good luck with your sales - not that you'll need it!

  4. oops, sorry, I've renamed you! I did of course mean Kathy! I must take more care with typing x

  5. Oh Kath, your cottage/lake signs are fantastic!..and I love the 3D one!
    ...and cant wait to see what you have done with 'pink' week!
    Jan x

  6. I LOVE the 3D sign, it is adorable Kathy! Definitely make more of those! :) The other sign is so soft and lovely, sure to be a hit too! I have a bleeding heart just like that, it's huge now, and so gorgeous! Glad you've had sun. Late this afternoon was the first time we've seen it in 4 days... :P We were all cheering! :)

  7. Love your "Lake" sign! And your tangle challenge is terrific, too!

  8. Oh Kath, I love that welcome sign. That is very nice, simple yet so welcoming. You should do MORE of these. Is that a flower pot cut in half? I have done that before. Cute cute.
    Love the tangles too and everything else.
    Good luck with shows.

  9. I always love seeing what you're working on. Best wishes on the show and I hope the strike will be settled soon. Valentine flowers - how cute and she's right!

  10. Thanks Taylor... it is cute and bleeding hearts are one of my favs too... glad you like the signs..
    Thanks everyone for the opinion on the 3d.. will be making the other 3
    Thanks appreciate it..
    lol Sherry... thank you.. I know I am always doing that's too easy some days..
    Thanks Jan.. glad you like.. and I know.. can hardly wait to see all the pinks...
    Hi Melinda.. glad you finally got some sun.. we had a thunderstorm go thru during the night.. but sky is blue this morning again.. I would cheer too after 4 days of rain.. Thank glad you like the sign too..I was stepping out of the box abit here...
    Thank you Christina.. I love how your tangle turned out with these too..
    Thanks Les... yup a pot cut in many fun things you can use them for...
    Morning Ann... thank you.. apparently the strike will be over this week.. which will be wonderful.. too bad that they couldn't reach an agreement themselves but....
    thank you all for helping me out with this.. will use up the last 3 flowers in the stash to make some more.. and thanks too for stopping by and commenting.. I so appreciate it..last day of work till wed... whooo hoooo!!!!

  11. Both signs are beautiful and are sure to be a hit! I love the sunflower and the dimension, very cool! This postal strike seems to be going on forever and wonky internet, too? Yikes! Your flowers are beautiful, might have to get me some!

  12. Kathy i love that, what happens at the lake hanger. its gorgeous
    hugs June xxxx


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