Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rainy Saturday

Good morning... we have had 3 whole days of sunshine..sooooo beautiful but woke up to rain this morning.. just a lovely soft one and not like some of the thunder storms we've been having and dodging lately.. I am sure the gardens and flowers will love it...I've been working lots and trying to get things caught up abit.. So excited to see 2 blooms on my spaghetti squash plants.. but it will be awhile for anything else it seems..
I had started this door hanger awhile back... Jeanie over at All my Artist Trading Cards had a challenge going on...and also a trade if you want.. think I'm abit slow for it all..
I've had no internet for the past couple of days so today is the last day to enter for the FireCracker Kid's give away... either click here or see the button on the sidebar.. Carol has 3 great prizes.. so hurry over and check it out...
I did finish my challenge for I am the Diva it was spirals... started looking like a snail to me.. so here he is...
 We had a great visit with Chaya until she broke out in spots.. turns out she's allergic to penicillin so very lucky her reaction to it was mild.. Took her in to the dr's a very polka dotted kid.. she is fine now and can go outside to play again. I didn't get a pic of her in her sundress I made.. but it fit perfectly so will be definitely sewing some more...
Triple Chocolate Ice cream.... looks good hey? lol

Tomorrow is Father's Day.. so the kids and grandparents will be here for a BBQ for lunch .. must get stuff done today before I go to work at 2... yard saling today either... sigh..not sure that this is a bad thing
Hope everyone has a lovely day..thanks for stopping by..


  1. Love your cute little horned spiral snail. The little pudding face picture is so sweet!

  2. yes I agree, cute little snail tagle friend!

  3. That`s a very nice and sweet ibex-snail, Kathy! *gg*

    And now I´ll go to the supermarket. I need ice-cream. Hmmm...

  4. We seem to be playing ping pong with the sun! We enjoyed a lovely, summery day here after yesterday (cold, cloudy and rainy again!). I'll take it for as long as it decides to stay! I agree, I see a cute little snail too! :)That door hanging is adorable! Hope you enjoy the day tomorrow, hanging with the family. :)

  5. Love the snail and the pudding face. Hope she is feeling better.

  6. Ooh, I love the sound of rain! I really love those heavy rainstorms that come out of nowhere and leave everything feeling fresh and clean. :)

    Beautiful door hanger!

  7. she looks like she has big smooochy lips lol....too your snail and hope some sunshine comes your way....xx

  8. Hi Kath, wow you have been one busy gal.
    How did you fit sewing, tangles, a sick little Chaya and now a BBQ in. you are Superwoman!!!!
    We had a great sunny day, we went for a long ride.
    Been doing a bit of sketching lately and just taking a break from the heavy swapping til Postal strike is over.
    Glad little Chaya is better, love that red curly hair. LOL
    Les xo

  9. Aww, poor Chaya, but that triple chocolate ice cream looks good on her:)
    Thanks for plugging my giveaway. Good luck!

  10. Thanks Daniele & Jeanette..I quite like my little snail too... sorry haven't had time to check out your challenges yet this week...
    Thanks Devona.. how was the ice cream??? lol
    Thanks Melinda.. the sun did shine.. hoping for it to chase away the clouds again this we can eat outside.. been a crazy time weather wise this year.. hope yours is a sunshiny day too...
    Thanks Sandy... she is good now...can hardly wait to see her today...
    Funny Taylor.. I have always loved it too.. until the last couple of years when all it has done is rain... thanks..glad you like the doorhanger..
    hey Jen.. thanks.. she had to look in a mirror to see what we were looking at... too cute...
    Thanks Les... yeah.. figures I decide to join a swap and the po goes on can hardly wait to see your sketches... it was fun sewing again.. and superwoman I am can't find that darn cape anywhere.. just tired..
    You're welcome Carol.. sorry was so slow on it.. she does look good in chocolate doesn't she? lol off to check and see if I won...
    thanks everyone for stopping by..

  11. Hey Kath, you got some cool creations going on there! You sure are involved in a lot of different challenges! I admire your ability to keep up with it all. I think my head might explode if I tried it! And you can sew too, wow.

  12. Thanks Laurie.. lol I think my head is about to explode too.. just trying to jump start my mojo here.. it's missing and I soooo need it back....


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