Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday already...

I can't believe it's friday already...this week has gone by so quickly...worked a lot..and a little creative time.. weather has been horrible... soooo much rain but have been lucky.. tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings yesterday.. shut off the computer early in the day and took these pics of the sky late afternoon.. it was so dark at 4:30 very creepy... I love clouds but these were pretty scary.. luckily all we got was alot of rain.. no hail or tornadoes from this...

and see the date is screwy on my camera again.. this were taken yesterday.. the 2nd..
I got a chance to tangle this week.. was great.. the challenge this week at I am the Diva was stripes.. this is pretty stripey I think...
I sewed yesterday for the first time in years.. well to actually make something.. made a sundress for Chaya.. wish she was here so I could see how it fits... it was soooo much fun.. no pics but she'll be out next weekend...
I did get another thing painted.. I love these old file boxes.. they make such great recipe boxes.. but they are getting so hard to find..might have to go yard saling tomorrow to see if there's more out

forgot to take a pic of the back.. it's just 2 sheep nose to nose... and it's official ...Canada post is on strike again!!! so mailing anything is out of the question for the next while till some agreement is reached... sad and so hard on small businesses...
Well should get ready for work.. hope everyone has a lovely day..thanks for stopping by..


  1. Wow Kath, that's your view? It's gorgeous! How nice to be able to picture where you are now. Very glad those freaky clouds didn't turn into something awful. Lovely file boxes!

  2. Wow, look at those clouds...

    I love that you've got those hay bales in the photos. They look so country farm-ish! :D I love that box, too, by the way. Adorable!

    But ugh, that stinks about the mail. :/


  3. Well, since I know you're safe I can tell you those clouds are AMAZING! I can't believe they didn't spawn a tornado, they are so ominous, yet beautiful. As usual, I love your painting job, it really looks lovely. Can't wait to see Chaya's dress, I made the girls clothes for years. Hope the strike ends soon, that can't be any good for your business! :(

  4. wow Kath amazing photos....good thing their were no tornados though....lurve you boxes and tangle....pity about the mail...

  5. Hi Ann.. yeah that is looking west from our driveway just outside the glad that it didn't get any worse than it was too.. thanks glad you like the box...
    lol Tay.. aren't they awesome?? I took good pics yay!!! we do live on a farm...and there's always alot of hay bales everywhere..thanks.. glad you like the box.. wish I could find more of them..
    Thanks Melinda.. I know.. I was just waiting for something to happen..was so scary but they were so creepy too.. thanks.. glad you like the box too.. I used to make my kids clothes all the time too.. it's been years.. I sure hope it ends soon too.. was going to put my etsy store on vacation till it ends.. it so tiresome of them..
    thank you all for looking and commenting...

  6. Holy wow Kath, those are some eerie lookin' clouds, like a blanket. Must be the weather making the postal workers go on strike ya think:) Love your painting on the box. Is that tin or metal?

  7. Yup Carol pretty spooky... not sure they need a reason to strike It's an old metal file box... love them... wish I could find more of them.... only bigger ones in the stash now..
    Thanks Jen...glad you like.. was sure nice to tangle again... missed it.. and I think we were pretty lucky too.. there were tornadoes spotted farther south.. the strike is a rotating strike they say.. so not sure if it's safe to mail things or

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comments,`s finally summertime now and not the time to sit and doodling for me... ;-)

    Your box are dreeeeeamlike...i haven`t seen such a wonderful article for a long time...

  9. You are too sweet Devona.. thank you... yes.. hard to be doodling when it's summer....

  10. oh my what a dramatic sky capture...your photos are brilliant...I bet you did a bit of breath holding til the skies cleared again

    they are amazing!

    your painted box is a real treasure...those folk art willow trees always speak to me...

    you make me want to tangle again!
    Happy June Dear One!

  11. Fab photos Kath... hope the storms have passed for now and sunnier weather is on the way... love your file box... the painting is gorgeous and cool tangle...

    Jenny x

  12. Thank you was a little scary.. but awesome at the same time... glad you like the box.. haven't got my tangle done for this week again...Happy June to you as well...xo
    Morning Jenny.. this is the third day it's been sunny..Yay!! but supposed to be raining again by sunday.. hope they are thanks I love those file boxes too.. used to be able to pick them up anywhere.. thanks for the lovely comments.. have a great weekend..xoxo


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