Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday morning ramblings...

Good morning.. hoping this will post... blogger has been soooooo annoying.. followers here.. then gone..ooh there they are back posting some times yes.. then no.. very tiring.... We have had a week of rain and very cool weather.. actual frost the other night.. everything has perked up nicely though except for 1 peony and the gerber daisy I got for Mother's Day... Someone really needs to get out here and get all the grass out of the rock
Otherwise just been working and trying to stay warm.. did paint all friday afternoon.. can't remember the last time I had a friday off.. and we didn't pick Chaya up until saturday afternoon... so here's a pic of one of the things I finished.... was very happy and felt so good to just hang out and paint.. will really have to do that more often...

This post has taken all day to write.. we've been busy busy.. all the garden.. such as it is (but that is a whole other is planted.. flowers planted.. I have holes everywhere.. and everything has been watered and rewatered.. one of the tools in the little canvas gardening tote I got Chaya .. has a watering can/sprayer on it.. have no idea how many times it was
Anyways.. off to bed for me.. am sure she will be up bright and Hope everyone had a lovely day and thanks for stopping by.. will catch up on everything asap...


  1. Love the cute little sheep! Glad you were able to get out in the garden. I had to laugh at the watered, then rewatered. Its been so rainy here, the last thing we need is to go out watering. We have standing water everywhere because it has nowhere else to go. Crazy wet! It looks like she was enjoying her watering!!! I'm sure you had a bunch of fun with her. Have a great day!

  2. Love your painting style, Kath. I always enjoy seeing what you're working on. Chaya is so adorable in the polka dots and boots! I hope your weather has straightened out. It's a rare Memorial Day weekend down here this year in that it's actually hot and steamy enough to go swimming. We went pretty much straight from cool and wet to HOT!

  3. lol Brandy.. same here.. is sooo wet nothing needs watering but...can't stop her... she loved it... thanks..glad you like my sheep.. yup still water standing here too...
    thanks Ann... cold and windy here again this morning.. looks like rain.. have the heat on this morning.. lucky you ..nice weather..
    Enjoy the last day of your long weekend ..Brandy and Ann...thank you..xx

  4. Well I will try posting again, ARGH
    Chaya looks so intent on her watering job, LOL
    Finally you have green grass Kathy, what is up with that? It is sunny and warm, another weather man prediction gone wrong.
    Enjoy the weather and time with Chaya.
    Love ya, ♥

  5. That watering can/sprayer is so cool! I bet Chaya had a fantastic time. :)

    And I love your paintings, they're so countryside kitchen-ish! :) And the willow tree... <3 My favorite kind of trees are willows! They're so graceful...

  6. Such a sweet little garden helper you have there Kath!
    We had our hottest day of the year here in Virginia so far...people were being treated for heat exhaustion...we waited until dark this evening to take our walk.
    Locw your painted sifter...the folk art style weeping willow is a fav of mine!

  7. Hi Les.. yup green grass leaves on the trees.. but rain, rain rain... ugh..we did have a lovely time...
    lol it is a very cool watering can Taylor.. and she had so much fun..thanks glad you like the painting.. my fav is willow trees too.. they are so beautiful...
    Thanks Patty.. so wish we would get some heat... haven't had much of it yet.. just rain..she is a big help.. and sooo much fun too... heat exhaustion is no fun... after dark is a nice time for a walk..
    thank you all

  8. That sifter brings back memories. Your painting style is charming!

    What an adorable little garden helper! I'm glad you got that picture, it's priceless!

  9. You did a wonderful job painting that, I love that style of sheep! Chaya is adorable, always fun to have a helper. :) Blogger was being a stinker for awhile, but now seems back on track. Let's hope it stays that way! :)

  10. I know- Blogger has been highly annoying! But, yyaaayy!, it's finally allowing me to post comments! :D

    What a wonderful job painting... it looks like something I'd see in a store.. I love it! <3

    Hope you had/are having fun with Chaya! :)


  11. Love your painting Kath... always feels good to have some creative time doesn't it... and your pic of Chaya is just too cute... my grand daughters love their watering cans too...

    Jenny x

  12. Blogger is still having glitches - I had some missing comments suddenly come back. Argh!

  13. Thanks Laurie... I love sifters... and yes she is priceless... found a setting on my camera for children.. works soooo good.. she's so
    Thanks Melinda.. help is always good.. just had to go behind her alot and replant some things...but ohhhh the worms we
    Thank goodness blogger seems to be ok now.. was very frustrating there for awhile...Thanks Jordan... glad you like it...
    Hi Jenny.. thank you.. that creative time was priceless.. watering cans and kids.. go together so perfectly.. lol
    Sorry to hear your blogger is still acting up.. but at least they showed
    Thank you so much Denise... love your new things too...
    thank you all...xx


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