Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello... have missed you all....

Wow no blogger for a couple of days.. that was pretty weird.. not being able to do anything or comment anywhere.. glad it's fixed but it'll take me awhile to catch up on everyone's blogs...mostly I was working and I work saturday/sunday too.. not
I did get a chance to do my challenge for I am the Diva   It's a new tangle called Oof.. very cool..but am thinking it needs some color...

I did manage to hit my first yard sale yesterday... and a quick stop at the thrift shop this morning.. oooh la la!! more stash.... lol isn't that bread box fabulous?? and those bowls.. can hardly wait to have a day to paint...
Really.. that's about it..I'm sure there are other things I had thought of while blogger was out.. but really need to start keeping  The weekend is supposed to be warmer.. sure hope so.. there was actual snowflakes spotted today.. and some sleet in different areas...When will this end? So hoping that summer hasn't been cancelled again this year!! lol  The water in the southern part of the province is still rising.. it's the worst flood ever.. they are calling it the 300 year flood!! So much devastation, people being evacuated from their homes.. very scary...
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.. Thanks so much for stopping by...


  1. i just got off choke speed and then blogger was down ...aaargh...
    love your tangle and im sorry to hear about the flooding, especially as it is still so cold..poor buggers....

  2. Great new finds there, can't wait to see what you'll do to them. Have you sent your sketchbook yet? :)

  3. Wow, you got the motherlode on woodenwares. Nice:) We are addicted to blogging huh, I was starting to have withdrawals... LOL.
    Yep, we're having the flooding bad down here. Praying for the families.

  4. Eek! I couldn't get on Blogger for at least 24 hours, it was horrible! Not to mention I lost some comments on my blog... it was sad. :'( LOL

    Anyway, that tangle is fantastic, and what awesome finds - I can't wait to see what you paint on them!

  5. Thank you Lutka & Co.. I like how it turned out too..
    lol yeah Jen.. it's been the week for these things.. glad you're off choke speed now.. talk soon..
    Hi Jaime.. I know.. they're great.. can hardly wait for some time to get to them.. nope.. waiting for Lori to get back.. we're going to get together this week.. a long overdue visit..
    lol I know Carol.. that was brutal... and yet can miss days and not worry about it.. but say I can't????? sorry to hear it's flooding there devastating...
    amazing how dependent we are hey? sorry you lost comments though Taylor.. not fun... glad you like the tangle and the

  6. Love all your new treasures Kath... hope you get a painting day soon... and your tangle is fab... love all the tangles you have been doing...

    Hope it has warmed a little for you... just keeps getting colder

    Jenny x

  7. Hi Kathy, well the good thing about Blogger being unavailable is the catching up on other things we can do! I did still miss it though!

    Looks like you're going to busy with painting all those new items - enjoy doing it and I do hope your weather improves very soon too x

  8. Hey Kath~ Thanks for the concern! According to a link off of, Blogger is in the process of restoring the posts and comments that disappeared... so hopefully, mine will reappear at some point! :)

  9. The world of Blogger was in an uproar for awhile there... I'm thinking everyone needed a small break, they just didn't know it! ;) I'm doing some catch up now, and was so glad to see a post from you! Love your new tangle and that yardsale booty looks like fun! Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

  10. I'm loving the shape of the taller bowl. I can't wait to see what you paint of that one!

  11. Hi Jenny... thank you.. I'm loving doing them... oh the weather is fantastic..xx
    Hi Sherry.. yes.. in looking back.. didn't hurt am just itchin to paint... but would rather be outside..
    Hope so Taylor.. no clue if I lost something or
    Thanks Melinda.. yes.. have missed everyone too.. and yard saling is my fav past time ..after painting.. season is starting Yay!!!
    Thanks Brandi.. yes I was excited to see that one too.. not often you see these.. and wait till you see what's planned for the small ones to it.. whoo hooo!!!!


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