Friday, May 6, 2011

This and That....

Good morning.. I started a post yesterday morning.. but now it's in drafts and I have no clue as to how to finish it.. the day did not go quite as planned.. lately it seems like that is more the norm.. I did take a drive down to the lake after those few days of 70km winds.. sure enough.. blew the ice away .. this pile is about 20 ft high but because of the rain doesn't look all icy and chunky which looks way cooler than this big pile of smush.. but doesn't the lake look gorgeous?

I finished my "Royal Wedding" tangle for over at I am the Diva..I started off knowing what patterns I'd seen at the cathedral and then lost the "plan" and just filled it
The Old Farmhouse Giveaway Sweet Summertime Giveaway is being drawn on May 28th so make sure you get your entries in...if you haven't already.. that basket is fabulous....and it all could be yours!!!
I have my cover finished for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook.. haven't had time to take pics of the inside yet.. I did the background with the Credit Card Technique and acrylics.. and of course my fav... choccie forgot how hard it is to take a pic with shiny on it..
Yikes... just realized what time is it.. somehow it's soooo hard for me to get to work for and it's not like I'm not up.. just 10 seems to work so much better for
So bye for now.. have a loverly day!!! thanks for stopping by...


  1. I love the sketchbook! Fabulous job!

    And the lake looks as though it goes on forever... it looks like the sea, just calmer! Great photos!

    Have a good time at work!

    Taylor Lynn

  2. Love your cover, I also drive to the lake lately just to take it in for a bit. It's 20 min. from work so I can just get there and back on my lunch!

  3. That lake is just gorgeous, I hope it's close enough that you get to enjoy its beauty often! Days never seem to go how we think they will, do they? Definitely something to be said for 'going with the flow'! ;) I love the way that tangle came out! :)

  4. Hello Kath, pretty pics of the lake... and just loving your traveling sketchbook cover... the choccie paper is fab... love your tangle too...

    Jenny x

  5. Thanks Christina.. it was a good day!! hope yours was too..
    Thanks is beautiful.. it's a huge lake..glad you like my photos.. great coming from you..xx
    Thanks.. lunch is too short for me.. but it is beautiful.. hope the water levels go down soon and the beach comes
    Thanks Melinda.. it's not very far and my in laws live almost right on it so get there often.. yup it's fighting the flow that seems to not work out very well doesn't
    Hi Jenny.. thanks.. glad you like them.. felt good to finish it.. love choccie paper.. and the choccie

  6. Great pieces! I love using credit card technique as well. :)

  7. The lake is beautiful. Your royal patterns are great, they do look like they should be in the Abbey. I think your solution is perfect.


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