Monday, May 23, 2011

Long Weekends....

They are wonderful if you don't have to work most of'm off to work again today.. I did have yesterday off.. very random day..lots of little things done but can't really say I feel like I accomplished much of anything..not fond of this feeling... I did get alot of pics sorted on here and ready to put on discs or something to back them up.. something I have been putting off forever.. sad thing is just reminds me of all the ones I lost...but there are still alot to go thru..
Only artsy thing I did for the past few days is this little 5x7 canvas... has been in my head forever since I first did all those needed a This one is from MoonlightJourney.. isn't she sweet?
Otherwise.. everything is growing nicely.. love to see all the leaves out .. Yay! everything is finally green! I have the baskets done up and hanging on the house, have all the bird feeders back up.. so far have only seen one Hummingbird..but he's been around a lot and the finches are constantly fighting over at theirs.. One pair of robins are building their next right in the spruce tree in the yard so it's been fun watching them collect things for it.  It's been a rainy long weekend.. and today is abit windy and on the cool side... but there is supposed to be sun... gotta love that...
Well.. should really think about getting ready for work... hope everyone has a lovely day.. and thanks for stopping by...


  1. I LOVE the mermaid! So pretty! <3
    Yayyy!!! No more snow, right!? Green is everywhere here! :D I love seeing the birds making nests... my grampa has one on his porch (I'm not sure what kind of bird it is... something small and brown and white... ;), and an egg just hatched yesterday!! Too bad it's the egg of another bird who has taken advantage of this mother.. Lol. I have to look up what kind of bird does that...


  2. What a cute little canvas. Glad to hear that things are finally greening up your way. I love watching the birds, too, although they're so messy with their seeds on my balcony.

    Jordan, are you saying that some strange bird did a hostile takeover of another birds nest and laid her own egg? Wow, that's weird!!

  3. Oh no, now I have that song stuck in my head "All she wants to do is dance"!! Can't even remember who that song is by...darn brain.

  4. I love the mermaid Kathy! So glad things are finally warming up for you, we seemed to have taken a step in the wrong direction! ;) No sun for many days and chilly temps, I almost made a fire this morning, but managed to hold out! ;) I love watching robins at work too!

    Laurie ~ Don Henley? I had to look it up because now it's racing through my brain too!! ;)

  5. That mermaid canvas is absolutely gorgeous. I love it! My favorite kinds of magical creatures are faeries and mermaids. :)

    And it sounds like spring has [finally] arrived for you... yay! :)

  6. Thanks Jordan.. glad you like it...that sounds kinda mean..did you find out what kind of bird it is?
    Thanks Laurie... yes they are messy..had to move my feeders away from the window.. too many things coming up in the flower yeah I know sorry about the son..
    Thanks Melinda.. I couldn't remember who it was either lol..had to bring in all the plants last night.. possible frost last night and maybe wed or thursday.. sigh.. was lovely while it lasted, have heat on this morning...hope you get warm soon.. the robins are too funny..fighting all the time..
    Thanks Taylor.. my favs too... anything magical and mystical... love them...

  7. Your mermaid canvas is brilliant...I am such a fan of sea maidens!

  8. Thanks Patty.. me too... love them..xx


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