Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Blizzard Day!

I wasn't going to post anything today.. it's just way too depressing...but then thought just maybe sharing would make me feel better... so far no but I'll bet you're way more thankful for your day today! lol The wind is still howling like crazy but it has finally stopped snowing.. I took this pic this morning.. but there's been more and it doesn't show the blowing snow..well maybe if you look far away....
The show was good.. more peeps would have been nicer but it was a miserable day, absolutely pouring heavy rain all day. Love when kids are shopping for Mother's day.. they are so cute.. hope their moms are happy with their choices...It was great to catch up with alot of friends/vendors that you haven't seen since the last christmas sale.. so alot of visiting went on as well.. Thinking you'll probably say.. hmmmm I've seen this booth I do have this sale's booth set up down to a quick science already.. and there is really new things in there.. honest.. see my crazy camera changed the date again???

Here's my sign in page for my Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook.. and I'm almost finished my cover... still abit to work on the inside pages...I'm excited.. everyone has posted such beautiful pages.. soon will get to see them in person.. If you want to see everyone elses .. click on the Sisterhood button on the sidebar....
Played with my white gel pen more with this red paper..
I started feeling like I was getting a cold at work on  just got worse all weekend  and now I think a trip to the dr's is probably in the forecast for tomorrow... my ribs are so sore from coughing.. so today has been a lazy piddle around with things kinda day.. has been nice sorta..and at least I don't feel like I'm missing hanging out in the sun on a beautiful
I know there was something else I was going to say... but it's gone so ... will probably remember after I hit isn't that always the way??
Hope you've all had a lovely sunday... thanks for stopping by...
P.s. I knew I'd remember... and here it is... not sure how it's fared with the snow.. but here's my little viola blooming before the snowstorm..


  1. Oh Kath, hope you are feeling better soon... LOVE your booth... your set up is wonderful... very enticing... When I was a regular stall holder, one of my fave things was to catch up with other vendors... love the friendship that comes from it... Your sketchbook is fab as is your tangle...

    Have a happy day
    Jenny x

  2. Hi Kath,
    we had a drab day here, started out sunny but then turned cloudy and cool. You can keep the snow, I had a black fly buzzing around me this morning while drinking tea on the deck.
    Love your stall and the viola is so pretty. Will be nice to see grass won't it? LOL
    Take care and thanks for dropping by.
    Les ♥

  3. aww poor cold Kath....... cant believe it still snowing...loving your booth setup, i check all that out now !! the book will be great and how sweet is that poor little flower, hanging out for some sun too i expect....

  4. Thanks Jenny.. yes that's the thing I like best too..have made such good friends over the years.. I am starting to feel better..think the sun is
    Thanks Les.. hope you don't get it.. it was miserable.. yes will have to go and see how that wee viola made out.. they are tough.. sun is shining.. going to be a nice day..
    lol yeah really Jen.. couldn't believe it either.. it's funny how you check things out all the time for set ups... and I always take pics to remember what I did.. and little drawings if I see something in someone else's that I like... and think might work for me...
    thanks for stopping by..xx

  5. Ugh, more snow? That STINKS! And I hope your cold goes away soon. :)

    By the way, I love the sign in page for your sketchbook. AWESOME!

    I hope the show went well! <3

    Hugs! ~Taylor Lynn <3

  6. Nooo!!! How can it be snowing again over there??? I hope the warm weather is heading your way... SOON! <3

    The sketch book looks amazing! <3 <3


  7. lol I know Taylor.. crazy hey? it's almost all melted now.. sun is shining.. little cool but that's ok.. show was ok.. glad you like my page.. so wasn't sure about it...
    See Jordan.. you're out sleeping in a tent and I'm shoveling the deck.. it is nicer.. glad you like the sketch book page too...

  8. Hi Kathy,
    Love your booth set up. I had a show this last weekend and it was pretty slow. I guess people would rather eat than look at artwork. Some how I don't blame them.
    But all in all it went well.
    I hope you can avoid the Dr. Feel better soon!

  9. NO MORE SNOW!! Remind me that I wouldn't do well in Canada! ;) Glad you took the day to piddle and move slowly, exactly what you're body needs to heal and balance. I love the sisterhood sketchbook stars, very pretty! What a brave little viola! :) Feel better soon! :)

  10. Love your booth Kathy!! So much work. I hope you did well!!

  11. Thanks Barb.. yes this one was a little slow too.. but alright.. it was a first show too which is always iffy especially with a spring
    Thanks Rosie.. trying..
    I so totally agree Melinda.. no more!! I am feeling better today.. and it's back to work tomorrow.. thank you.. glad you like the stars.. and happy to say.. the viola survived the snow!!
    Thanks Denise.. it was good.. not phenomenal..but decent..
    thank you all... xx

  12. Seeing your booth display reminds me of my show days. One of the best parts of shows was seeing the same vendors at different shows. Don't miss the "being blown away by high winds or flooded by heavy rains" aspect of shows though! Cool drawing you did there with the white gel pen. I like the metallic gel pens, ever tried those?

    That's a drag about the blizzard! Gah! Can't even imagine!!

  13. Oh Kathy, I hope you feel better soon and your weather improves - you need more sunny, warm days!! Here in the UK, we've been really lucky with the weather the last two weeks, sunny and warm - so much that 'they' are now saying it's having an adverse affect of all our plants as there's been no rain!! We really can't win can we!

    Glad you had a good show, your stall looks great!

  14. What a beautiful weather! Wish you merry christmas, Kathy ;-)))

    Yet here we have the "ice saints" (, only 7-9°C...but the day after tomorrow will bring 26°C...yeah!

    Nice tangle in red. My favorite color!

  15. Morning Kathy ~ Would you consider adding the new 'subscribe by email' gadget to your blog? I'm going through and adding all of my favorite blogs so that I can both simplify my life and also guarantee I don't miss a great post! :)

  16. Thanks Laurie... don't do alot of outside shows usually.. although this year might try a market so we shall see...yes the friends you make doing this are so special.. they understand exactly where you are.. even if you disappear for weeks before a big we will not be talking about snow now again right???
    Thanks Sherry...nope it seems you just can't win...been so windy here now but it is drying things out faster...and we really need that.. would gladly share all this water if I the sun is shining today and the sky is beautiful... all clouds have blown away...hope they are coming your way...
    lol Devona..weird time for a ice saints day... but am jealous about 26... soon I hope.. it did hit 18c yesterday but with the wind, still felt cold.. glad you like the tangle.. red is one of my fav colors too... haven't finished my royal wedding one as yet...
    Sure Melinda.. can I get the button off your blog? am up to any suggestions here.. am not a techie person at all.. so anything that you think will make it better.. just let me know...
    thank you

  17. Well, you'll be happy to know this requires very little effort! :) Go to 'design' at the top of your page, then 'add a gadget', then 'follow by email'. This is also great for people who don't have a google account, they can receive your blogs right to their inbox, like family who wants to know what you've been up to! :)

  18. Hi Kathy! I feel your pain! I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. ICK! Hope you feel better! Are the temps ever going to get above 60 degrees????

  19. I hope you're feeling much better by now and that the ridiculous snow has melted one last time for this year! Love the white on red - really effective. It shouldn't be allowed to pour on craft show days.

  20. Thanks Melinda.. got it.. what a brilliant idea too to cut the time on here down.. think I'll be doing some of this too...
    Aww Kelly.. hope you didn't get it.. it's still hanging on and am on antibiotics too.. it did get up to 18c yesterday ..was beautiful.. but of course I was at
    Thanks Ann...snow is gone.. and hoping that there won't be any rain for awhile now too.. definitely not on craft sale


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