Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've been MIA... there is Sunshine out there!!!

Good morning... the sun has been shining and it actually hit 24c.. so with this beautiful weather and 2 whole days off work with no specific things on the agenda.. it has been glorious!!!! a few minutes here and there at the computer was all I could stand... lol.. now laundry is not my favorite thing.. but when I can hang it out and it's so beautiful out.. it is loverly... so did most of the bedding in the flower bed left to get the grass out of , there are actual leaves on the trees now and it's actually time to cut grass...Yay! (I know really? lol) and  it's back to work today but not till 2 so still some sunshine time to enjoy...
I did get my tangle from last week colored... loving the lime green and

I had finished my spread for the Creative Sistah's Travelling sketch book.. take a look at the button and see what lovelies everyone has been doing.. absolutely fantastic.. I feel so lucky to have joined this group of very talented ladies...
Now before I forget... there isn't much time to go and enter the Sweet Summertime Giveaway make sure you get over and enter .. you could win it all!!!!
Then Simply Smitten is having an awesome giveaway as well... you won't be disappointed.. she has lovely all natural products.. the lip balm is to die for.... and her clipboards are gorgeous..
Then Rainbow Veins is having her first ever giveaway!! I'm sure once you look at her shop  you will definitely find something you love.. and her fingerless gloves are beautiful!! so get in on the fun...
I finally got something new listed on Etsy... and would have done another one but can't find the pictures of it for some reason... and I sold another Coffee Friendship sign too.. was right
This lovely weather is supposed to last until saturday or sunday.. got my hummingbird feeder out .. now just to wait for one to show up... should be here anytime now.. the finches are will  have to get their feeder out this morning too...amazing how absolutely wonderful everything is when the sun I'm sure I will think of something else once this is posted.. but for now this is it.....
Hope everyone has a lovely day.. thanks for stopping by...


  1. Hey there Kath, wow finally sunshine, wish I could say the same, been raining on and off for days. Supposed to be raining on the long weekend too. Flowers to plant and weed to pluck but will have to wait.
    Love your Tangles, wow.
    Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine.
    Thanks for visiting too.
    Les ♥

  2. Lovely artwork, lovely sketches, happy gardener - ain't life grand? *G*

  3. Yay! Sunshine finally, I'm so happy for you, Kath! <3

    And congrats on the sale, that's awesome. :)

    You've got lots of reasons to say YIPEE! ;)

  4. Thanks Les...hope you get this too.. it's just loverly.. so do not want to go to how big are these teacups supposed to be??? am thinkin'
    Thanks Christina.. it definitely is!!! hope your day is loverly too...
    Definitely alot to be happy about.. hope you have a great day too..

  5. Oh, I was so glad to read this! I thought spring might skip you this year... ;) Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway, Jordan's too. :) I'm glad you had a couple of days off to enjoy the glorious sunshine and that tangle looks fabulous all colored in! Congrats on the sale!!!:)

  6. Hi Kathy! I'm so glad the sun is shining in your neck of the woods! It's rainy and chilly down in Illinois.

  7. I just love the sunshine! I think it always puts me in a good mood! We had a little wind but the blue skies has been a blessing~ Hugs, Diane

  8. Hi Melinda..thank you..and yes.. we've gone straight up to high temps.. it's been beautiful.. some rain for the weekend although I still am not sure about Jordan's button...
    Thanks Kelly.. sure hope it warms up for you too.. so lovely...
    thanks Diane.. me too.. makes everyday a wonderful day... a little breeze is nice too..

  9. Congrats on the sun! My dad was just driving through snow yesterday. It's so hot here in VA I can't imagine chill and dark being anywhere.

  10. Thanks.. snow really?? that is so depressing.. today .. light rain after alot of sun days.. have to work tonight so.. is ok with hope you have a lovely weekend...

  11. Like your green (and blue) colors...and the tangle looks like a fish ( a little bit *lol*). I`m happy to read that you have now temperatures over 20°C. Wish you a nice week, Kathy!!

  12. Thanks Devona.. yeah think it is fishy looking too.. love the colors.. done nothing but rain now for days.. wishing you a lovely week too..sorry so slow in replying to


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