Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OFG Fall Celebration and more...

Good morning.. well it's back to work today...and the day is supposed to be very hot.. which is nice if the humidex wasn't supposed to be 38c.. yikes... tomorrow the humidex is  supposed to be 43c.. sometimes it's nice to be working in an air conditioned
I have spent my 2 days off getting some things ready for the OFG Fall Celebration... this year instead of Christmas in July they have decided to celebrate fall and Halloween... so if you want to see what everyone ( has created especially for this event go to Etsy, type in FFOFG and they all should come up.. This will run from July 1-28!! Hope you check it's a surprise so can't show you anything till it's open...
I am never ready for a craft sale.. always tons of stuff unfinished .. that will wait for another one.. it's never I did finish up this little welcome sign.. Sunflowers are my fav... ok now what's going on here??? it won't let me move past the pic to keep typing....
Very but what ever works I guess....can't start anywhere except in the middle... sigh...(if you know why this is happening I'd appreciate any
but anyways... June over at Dezinazworld is having a loverly giveaway for her 500th follower.. I love all her beautiful collage sheets and it would be awesome to win she has alot of sheets on sale for $1. Check it out..I'm sure you'll find something you just have to have..
Hope you all have a loverly day... Thanks for stopping by...I know there was something else.. but... another day I


  1. Hi Kathy , lol i think blogger just plays up now and then. This is gorgeous,I could do with one of these on my front door :) fabulous work.
    Thanks also for linking up with Dezinaworld , you are an angel. Well i was just wondering if Manitoba is anywhere near Montreal ? My brother is just moving there from Vancouver in the next couple of weeks.
    hugs June xxxxx

  2. hi Kath, gosh it has heated up so quickly....glad you have airconditioning. must pop over to dezinasworld...

  3. Hi June..Thank you..I'm glad you like my sign.. np I love your images and art...but I couldn't find a button to put under my collage images in the sidebar..I would definitely do that if you point me in the right Manitoba is in the middle of the country.. so if he's driving/or flying he will have to go thru/over Manitoba.. but it's not very close to either place..that will be a big change for your brother.. I've never been to Montreal but it's supposed to be a beautiful old city.. I love Vancouver though..
    Thanks Jen.. yup extremely warm yesterday.. looking pretty warm already for today.. lol
    thanks xx

  4. Hey Kath, that sign is so cute! I used to do so many craft shows. It was a good living, but really grueling keeping up on inventory and battling weather, wind and travel time. Good luck, hope it's not too hot!

  5. Happy Canada Day Kath!

    Hope the weather isn't too hot for you there and have a great weekend too xx

  6. ahhh Laurie.. it was brutally hot in there today setting up..and tomorrow will be just as bad.. am finding it hard this year to keep up with everything and be excited about thank you am glad you like my sign..
    Thanks Sherry.. it was earlier.. but now there's a pretty strong breeze.. it's lovely out.. thank you for the lovely wishes for Canada Day.. it's been a great one..

  7. You are so creative and seem to create so much Kath!
    Nothing like a deadline to get more things done too!
    Take care in the heat...the humidity makes all the difference we find here in N Virginia...the heat makes me feel droopy...SO grateful for air conditioning!

  8. That sign is beautiful, Kathy - your work is fantastic!

    The only reason I know of for why your post is messing up (besides Blogger just being weird) is that maybe you're using the old post editor... there's a new version, where things seem to work more smoothly, and I put directions on how to switch here:

    It's very simple. :) I hope that helps!

  9. Awww thank you Patty.l.. deadlines are at least for me.. it's going to be a brutally humid day here again.. will just stay in and paint I think...
    Thanks Taylor... I checked it and it is the updated editor.. so no clue... but when I was on your page .. my post that I deleted is in your sidebar.. doesn't work but the pics are there.. weird...

  10. Love the sign Kathy! :) I think Blogger just likes to act up sometimes, can be pretty frustrating when you're limited on time... ;)

  11. Hm... I think Blogger just goes through phases of working and not working. Good luck getting your blog stuff worked out! <3


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