Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow it's Saturday already...

I can't believe it's the end of January already.. I did get Chaya's flu and have pretty much slept since thursday night.. feeling pretty rested but awfully weak yet.. We had another blizzard dumping another 6" of snow.. which we soooo don't need..but basically I slept it  though all..a good
I have been so excited about participating in the One World One Heart that starts tomorrow. I have loved checking out all the blogs the other years it was held. Sad to think it's the last one now that I finally have a blog to participate in it..
Haven't decided what to use for a give away yet though..hope you'll check them all out or join if you have a blog.. it's great fun...
I finished another little matchbox before I got sick..

Finding these sooo much fun to make.. and here's the altered altoid tin that I sent to Les over at Harmony Road Studio just cuz I lurve her too...

Anyways.. that's it for today.. we were supposed to go into the city to help my daughter move.. but not sure we can even get out of here..or if I have enough energy to move very so we shall see...
Have a loverly saturday, thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good morning...

Well.. ended up running in to the city for the day yesterday.. the flu got shared so got to hang out with Chaya while her mom slept .. we had a fun day.. lots of reading.. and playing.. she's still not feeling 100% so she had a good nap..My girlfriend and I  had a great visit at lunch the other day.. then hit a used book shop and a thrift shop.. got a couple of new books and yes!!! more wooden bowls.. lol also some uncut patterns to make more of that paper..
So didn't get much accomplished at home except finally getting a back up done.. while I was waiting for it to finish.. had some time to play.. I sooo love that pattern paper background.. it's so soft and the texture is amazing..
I've been playing with altoid tins and matchboxes abit too.. I belong to a new monthly Matchbox swap group.. there are some beautiful boxes for the first's mine... hope she likes it..
Thank last but not least.. finished 1 for the Zentangle challenge this week..kinda weird not filling in the whole piece but like it
Hope everyone has a loverly day.. hope to finish off a couple of painted things this afternoon..
Thanks for stopping by and looking...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warmer..... yay!

Morning all...ok so it's only -11c but it's still alot warmer than -39c.. will take what I can
I didn't get much of anything accomplished yesterday.. going to the gym that late in the day is obviously not for me.. give me 7 a.m. any day... I did get paper cut for wedding cards though.. so can start putting some together...
I finished off this the day I did the cupboard door.. have a few more pieces on the table half done.. I just keep thinking if I finished all of them.. wow.. what alot I'd have done for the next show.. lol.. which is in April by the way...It is based on a Terrye French design.. few changes here and there.. love old jugs...
Willa over at "The Old Cupboard Door" has started a new blog and is having her first giveaway for it.. She does lovely work.. check it out..."Maywood Cottage: Through the Garden Gate"
Heading off to Gimli today to meet a girlfriend for lunch.. will be a nice break to get out of here for abit..
I'm working on this week's Zentangle.. not quite finished it yet.. hopefully by tomorrow..
Hi to the new followers.. appreciate it.. would love to follow your blog if you have too but am unsure how to find them if you haven't little techie challenged here.. 
Thanks for stopping by.. hope you have a lovely day..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Good morning...

It's still cold and blowing snow here.. cold, cold, cold!!! Am still undecided on going to the city today.. not even sure I can get down the driveway The weather station said it was supposed to be warmer today.. would be nice if they got it right some days..
I did get the cupboard door finished for my nephew's soccer team..I like how it turned out.. now just to get it to him if we don't get into the city today..
Thanks for looking.. and have a great day.. stay warm...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ok so it's abit warmer..

But I still can't warm up.. We were supposed to have B-day coffee for my son today but it got canceled as my Princess  has the flu..Poor baby.. feel so sorry for them, too little to understand it.
Painting is going slow hopefully will finish a couple of things today. I wanted to donate something to my nephew's soccer team that is having a fundraiser social for their team and half the proceeds go to Breast cancer research.. The kids are 12 years old and that is what they picked for their charity..Great kids!  so that has to be finished to go into Winnipeg tomorrow.
One of the girls on an ATC swap group passed away before Christmas and the group decided to do a tribute to her for this month's swap. She was a gifted artist and we all miss her very much. Here's the one I did for it..
Now over at Jen's she posted a background that she had seen at RobenMarie's, it's a great tutorial. So had to try it.. this is what I came up with.. here's my whole sheet...gel medium and  H2O's.
and this is what I made out of it..
 I found it easier to do more quilting on it after I had cut them up.. pics look abit dark.. they are really lighter than this..
I posted something new on My Etsy this morning.. which takes me forever to do the write-ups etc and am soooo frustrated with these ridiculous new postal rates..
Anyways.. if I'm to finish painting those things I should get off here and do
Thanks for looking.. hope everyone has a lovely sunday..

Friday, January 21, 2011

I am still freezing...... and something a little different....

Good morning.. wow 2 days in a awhile back Patty at Maggie's Nest introduced me to Zentangles.. have had so much fun with them and then last week I found "I am the Diva's blog" and there is a weekly challenge there... what fun!!!! so have been doing more again.. here's my Orb challenge for this week...
Last week was Stars.. so here's what I did for that..
My youngest daughter Shannon came out for a visit.. so last night was playing's her first cards.. and then the challenge ones for the last 2 weeks.. she did a great job on them... secretly I think she might be
Anyways.. should get busy.. hoping my painting room is warm enough to hang out in today.. if sure I can find something else to
Have a great day... thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brrrrrr -39c is not ok

Good morning.. It's been awhile.. hope everyone had a good christmas.. and wishing you all the best in the New Year.. me I'm wishing right now it would slow down abit.. I can't believe it's January 20th already.. I have been busy ... never seems to be enough hours in a day. I only had one thought for a resolution and that was to paint more starting now.. well...that's  not working out so life sure gets in the way of creativity sometimes.. but I have been quilling some to get Valentine's Day card up on my Etsy store.
Then I have played with some altered art .. My friend Jen sent me the lovliest Christmas pocket so I decided to make some Valentine's Day ones.. here they are.. have soooo missed playing with paper and making ATC cards.

Well that's about it for now.. have more to show you but should get busy and get something done today.. Thanks for looking and have a lovely day..I need to figure out how to put things on here