Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bowl Parade and Someone Special

Painter in Training..  
First off the paint with water books are a hit! got a little painting in while she was busy painting too..
Now I'll show you some of the bowls that are ready for the choosing.... there will be more hopefully
Snowman with Red bird bowl

Red Snowman Bowl
Snowman and stars bowl
Sheep and Vine bowl
I hope you see something that you like here.. but will add a couple more tomorrow before the contest closes..
When I posted the pictures from Lockport I missed one booth.. and didn't know how to edit it to put Lori Hopkins' booth in after I had posted. Lori's business is called "She Is So Unusual" and  paints on mostly vintage items...purses, jackets, pillows, bags as well as wood and metal .. but also makes some unusual items like birch bark planters here's a couple of her art for you to see as well..

Well that's it for now.. hope you enjoy the pics.. off to paint abit more while the napping is good.. hope you're having a great day and thanks for stopping by...


  1. Your bowls look great Kath!!! Chaya looks like she's having a lot of fun painting =)

  2. LOL Chaya looks like she is having fun! I remember those painting book from when I was a kid. The bowls are wonderful, I love em all, but you know me and sheep....

  3. Wow Kath, you sure have been painting up a storm. Love the snowmen and that sheep is so cute. Oh guess what came today???? my tea towel, I LURVE it. That willow is just wonderful.
    Thanks so much.
    Can't get over how red Chaya's hair is. She is darn cute.

  4. Thanks.glad you all like the bowls... oh yes Marie.. she had a ball with it.. "Amma paint.. Chaya paint" Les you wouldn't believe how long it is too when it's wet.. glad your tea towel came too and very happy you and Marie like them... lol I knew that would be the one you liked Rosie..
    Thanks.. appreciate your comments... off to finish off a couple more bowls for the morning..Have a great night..

  5. Looks like Chaya is having Fun! I used to love those painting books!
    Your bowls are fab Kath, Lurve the sheep one!
    jan x

  6. She is such a sweetie, haha wait til shes older and wants YOUR paints and brushes!!

    lucy and i are loving the horse painting, its beautiful.

    love your bowls, its hard to choose...i'm reading you blog backwards to catch up loljenxo

  7. lol she already wants mine ..that's why I was looking for these paint with water books.. she does beautiful work doesn't she?


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