Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well here I am....

My first post on my new blog... and am totally speechless... now for anyone that knows me that will have them laughing.. That beautiful little girl with me in the picture is my granddaughter Chaya... the best present I've ever had and being an Amma is the greatest thing ever..and I am so lucky that I get to spend a lot of time with her.
There will be a little  of everything on first love is painting and especially on upcycled things.. love to take an old coffee pot or jug and make it something special again..I do a lot of sales through out the year but it's getting into that busy Christmas time season so the pressure is on.. but I soooo love paper too.. I learned how to Quill (the art of paper filigree) a few years ago and it still  amazes me what you can do with it.. then a good friend Les.. introduced me to Altered art and ATC's...
Now one of the reasons that I started this was because on Facebook you can't run a contest or have a giveaway and when I was cleaning out the proverbial "stash"  to get some bowls  to paint.. I thought wow! this would be a great idea for a contest.. because I was so shocked (not sure why) at the number of  small wooden salad bowls that have accumulated since last Christmas's  painting season..(other painters with "stash" will not be very shocked and will wonder why I was but I will leave that for tomorrow..once I figure out how to post it and do a couple more things on here..
Thanks for stopping in..and hope you'll come back..


  1. and about time too!
    Welcome to blogland hope you have fun!xxx

  2. I see you finally found something to say LOL. Blogging is so much fun, you'll see =)

  3. wooohoo Kath, you did it, that wasnt so hard was it? xxx

  4. Everything looks great Kathy. I'll be sure to follow your blog.

  5. Congratulations on your new blog, Kath!!

  6. I think you need to stop buying wooden bowls to put in your stash and start painting on them LOL.

  7. Thanks everyone..especially Rosie, Marie, Jen & Les for all the advice...sure Jen..nah not hard..just took me 3 days to think of Yeah I know Marie.. they just keep coming with the big ones I want..I had virtually none left after last fall.. am working on but staying home for awhile would be sure help...Thanks so much Patti.. and thank you to you too Linda.. xoxo

  8. Looks good Kathy. And Chaya is a little doll baby.

  9. Wahooooo! So good to finally see you in Blogland Kath!!
    Great pic of you and Chaya.
    Happy Blogging!!

    Jan x

  10. Ok, that is way more bowls than I even have! That is shocking..even to me and you have seen my stash! Glad to see you on here, great pic of you and Chaya!

  11. Thanks Jan & June.. she is a doll isn't she? Thanks Cathy but really? shocked? Oh no! no one else has this many bowls? I had no idea either till I started pulling them all out..

  12. Wooo hooo Kath.
    Well that is one heck of a pile of bowls. No wonder we can't find any half the time cause you have them all. LOL
    Congrats on your new blog, you will be amazed at all the nice people you will meet.
    Nice talking to you today.
    Chaya is so darn cute.
    Have fun blogging.
    L xoxox

  13. Lol thanks Les.. yup am beginning to think I might have them all at that.. am already having fun..
    Was good to talk to you too..

  14. Welcome to blogland, Kath! Cute pic of you and Chaya. 'Amma', I love that. Looking forward to seeing how you transform all those bowls - know they'll be gorgeous!

  15. You and your granddaughter are so cute and your new blog looks great Kath!
    I am adding your bbb (blogblogblog) to my links :)

  16. HI Ann.. thanks for stopping by and the nice comments.. looking forward to working on the bowls
    Thank you too Patty... thanks for coming by and adding me to your links too.. she is adorable.. but then I'm just a little

  17. Congrats on the blog..Enjoy Xox


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