Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good morning...

my booth... 

Well the weekend went well.. sooo very hot and humid on saturday.. as you can see by the puddles on the ground.. was a little wet... they had a deluge on friday night and the ground inside the tent on saturday morning was covered in about 3inches of water.. which they swept out.. but with all the traffic thru the water just kept coming up everywhere.. they had to put more gravel in on the sunday... Sunday.. the wind was incredible.. kept wondering if we were taking off for other My camera all of a sudden decided that I should have my memory card reformatted so am thinking I lost everything that was on it.. very sad about that as I can't remember what was uploaded and what wasn' so a friend Greg lent me his to take some..
Here's his booth... he makes wonderful wood products.. trains..bread boards,  his frames and planters out of barn wood are just gorgeous..
Lockport general store
Here's a pic of the general store across the way from where the tents were.. great looking building.. and they have absolutely everything you could possibly Finally a pic of my friend Joy.. who did the organizing for the event (which she did a fantastic job for by the way) and paints the most beautiful rocks ever...

Now yesterday didn't go exactly as planned.. was going to paint bowls.. and show you these pics.. but DH came home with 2 pails of wild plums.. so I got 4 batches done then ran out of sugar.. oh darn!! lol  I usually babysit Chaya every second weekend but  I had traded my weekend  to do this show.  I am so missing her that I called to see if she could come out for a couple of days so will be off to pick her up in awhile.. and return her friday morning...She always wants to paint with me so I have picked her up some paint with water books so we can sit at the table together and paint.. am hoping that it works.. it's hard to paint with her on my  Anyways.. got the floor washed last night and the place mostly Chaya proofed so just have to run the vacuum over everything before I leave to get her..
Hope everyone has a wonderful day..


  1. Kath it is so great to see these pictures! You tell me about the fairs you go to all the time and now I can see it all too. It's nice to see the 'sales assistant' too. LOL

  2. Your booth looks great Kath. I'm glad Greg lent you his camera so we could see pics =)

  3. Thanks Rosie..didn't think of that.. don't usually show you pics of the places.. have a couple more that I will post tomorrow I had hit post when I realized I hadn't put them in and had no clue as to how to edit that part..yup he's a good sales assistant.. lol
    Thanks Marie.. it was good of him.. to let me borrow it and then send me the pics too.. that was one of the nicest things about the sale.. seeing a lot of the vendors that I haven't seen for awhile.. makes for a great time...

  4. such fun seeing your booth and other artists wares as well Kath ... not only are you talented but very prolific too!

    outdoor shows are such fun but the weather is always something to contend with ... sounds like you got a bit of everything!

    your plum jam sure does not delicious!


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