Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yay! another order finished...

Here's the pictures of the  paddle I've been  painting.. sorry the pics aren't that good.. I think I took about 30 to get these.. picture taking is not my strong point...lol  Now to make enough space to varnish it all and it will get picked up tomorrow at the Farmer's Market... I love this sponge painting... the only brush I used was to make the horizon line.. and the silhouette of the bear..I guess you can tell what I use this picnic table for the most too.. spraying things.. the bench is lovely right now with the outlines of stars right across it.. usually it has circles from spraying cd's...
We did a swap on our painting group.. and now that everyone has theirs I can show you what the one I did looked like..
Thanks Marie for sending me the picture of it.. the picture of all of them was one that got lost when my camera card screwed up..
I'm going to head into Winnipeg tonight.. have a little visit with the kids.. the invitation will get picked up and do the market tomorrow.. so won't be around till thursday..
Hope everyone has a lovely day.. Thanks for popping in...


  1. Wow, how cool is that paddle!
    Great work Kath!

    Jan x

  2. on a roll girlie!!! great paddle...

  3. Thanks for looking and commenting.... and she picked it up today too.. whoo hooo!! they take up alot of room..lol

  4. Oh that is so pretty! You are going to have to do a video of you painting, Kath. I would so love to see you in action... I bet you'll make it look really easy though and I know it's not!

  5. Thanks Ann.. not so sure I could do that.. you would love this sponge painting though.. so much fun.. and but a tad messy...lol


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