Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Morning...

This is how some of those of those bowls will look when I'm done..that pile is rather overwhelming, even more so now that I feel like I'm the only one with that many of them...
It's beautiful here today.. sun is shining.. day is getting warmer.. nights have been on the cool side this week but we're supposed to be heating up for the weekend again..with the humidex going up again too.. so could be a heatstroke weekend again .. lol.. I will be off to Lockport, Manitoba on friday for their 100th Anniversary weekend .. check it out at  Katie's Cows & Udder things along with a lot of other great exhibitors  will be set up in a tent for the 2 days from 12-7 Saturday August 21 & 22.. Should be a fun weekend...
Posting today was alot easier than the first one yesterday..I think this will be fun!! I will figure out the best way to start the contest..and hopefully get it posted tomorrow before I leave..
Hope everyone has a wonderful day..


  1. yes it will be fun, hope your stall goes well...jenxo

  2. You ARE busy ... Love your painted bowl ... those folk art trees really speak to me = beautiful!

    I bet your show was a BIG hit!

  3. Thanks Rosie and Jen.. glad you like the Bowl Patty... appreciate it...


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